The Creative Fuse Conference

The Creative Fuse Conference

Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th July 2018

Discovery Museum, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Creative Fuse North East invites you to take part in an exciting line-up of presentations, panel discussions, workshops and performances from a fusion of businesses, academics, and creative practitioners. 

The Creative Fuse Conference aims to explore the value of Creative/Digital fusion, and share insights gained throughout the Creative Fuse North East project. 

Creative Fuse North East works according to the concept of fusion, which is the combination of creative art and design skills with technology expertise in business. A fused business is an organisation or individual who strongly integrates these skillsets. In Brighton Fuse, an earlier research project, it was identified that fused businesses grow at more than twice the speed of unfused businesses.

With this in mind, we'd like to invite you to join us to present the ways you use fusion in your business, your research, or your creative practice. Come and join the conversation on cross-sector collaboration, and add your voice to this exploration of the future of the Creative, Digital and IT sector, in the North East and beyond.  

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