Young Geometric Group Theory X

The Xth Young Geometric Group Theory (YGGT) conference will take place from 26th to 30th July 2021, virtually in Newcastle.

We are unable to run the conference on location in Newcastle, so all activities will be online.

The aim of the meeting is to bring together young researchers in geometric group theory, graduate students and post-docs, to allow them to learn from one another and from senior mathematicians invited to give tutorial courses and lectures in several branches of geometric group theory.

Minicourse Speakers

Mladen Bestvina Projection complexes and rotating families
Rachel Skipper Group Actions on Trees and Cantor Sets
Todor Tsankov Topological dynamics of countable groups
Damian Osajda  Helly graphs and groups Helly 1 Helly 2-3 Helly 4

Plenary Speakers

Laura Ciobanu Solving equations in groups
Maria Cumplido Cabello Systolicity for large-type Artin groups
Dawid Kielak The Friedl-Tillmann polytope
Yash Lodha Groups acting on the real line
Emily Stark Commensurability and rigidity
Robin Tucker-Drob Measure Equivalence, Superrigidity, and Weak Pinsker Entropy
Tianyi Zheng  Random walks on lamplighters and related groups

Mini-courses and Plenary Talks: Titles and Abstracts


Lightning Talks: Titles and Abstracts


Recordings: sorry - links are broken - a solution is being sought

Monday 26th July Tsankov 1&2

Monday 26th July Bestvina 1

Monday 26th July Zheng

Tuesday 27th July Kielak + Tsankov 3&4

Tuesday 27th July Bestvina 2

Tuesday 27th July Bestvina 3

Wednesday 28th July Osajda 1 + Skipper 1

Wednesday 28th July Bestvina 4

Wednesday 28th July Tucker-Drob

Thursday 29th July Ciobanu

Thursday 29th July Osajda 2

Thursday 29th July Osajda 3

Thursday 29th July Skipper 2

Thursday 29th July Skipper 3

Friday 30th July Cumplido

Friday 30th July Osajda 4 + Skipper 4

Friday 30th July Stark

Friday 30th July Lohda