There will be 4 panels on Wednesday July 28th, two addressing professional matters (e.g., jobs, developing a research program, etc) and the other two addressing equity and justice in our community, mathematics, and society at large, with one pairing mainly addressing US-based participants and the other non-US based participants.

Please see the schedule for more specific timing information and for the identity of the panelists. (Please note: The geographical arrangement of the panels is due to both time-zone and funding source considerations.)

The first panel will address the professional aspects of mathematics. These can include but are not limited to: finding employment post-PhD; developing a research program; developing collaborators; work-life balance; two-body problems; balancing family + professional obligations; imposter syndrome.

The second panel will address questions of justice and equity
in mathematical sciences and society in general. For example, discrimination on the basis of gender, ethnicity,
disability, sexual orientation or age;  on the  challenges people face in different geographical locations or because of belonging to particular under represented groups; how they overcome them, and the success and failures they have experienced.

In both cases we aim to provide as safe environment for  participants to raise and discuss whatever issues they would like to.

To help the panelists prepare, here are two surveys you can fill out to indicate topics you would like to raise; fill in whichever is appropriate for your time-zone:


Please note that these surveys are anonymous.  Your responses to the surveys will be given to the panelists (without name).

The Joy of Science PDF 3,028Kb

Chris Harrison's talk on the joys and perils of working in science, and strategies for coping.