What is NeuroPalooza?

NeuroPalooza is a conference that highlights the breadth and diversity of the work being carried out by Wellcome Trust Neuroscience students across all 6 UK institutions. Also, it gives us an opportunity to mingle and network, enthuse about our science and make lasting connections that can continue beyond the conference, and our future careers.

Unlike other conferences, we decided that there won't be a specific themeas we would like to capture the breadth and diversity of the research going on.

We are limited to 24 oral presentations and all submitted abstracts will be considered for an oral presentation. Any abstract not selected for an oral presentation will automatically be allocated a poster slot. Those not wishing to give an oral presentation but who wish to present a poster will only need to provide a title to book a poster space. Students not presenting will be invited to chair sessions. We will also be hosting two keynote speakers: Professor Karl Friston from the Institute of Neurology, UCL, and Professor Doug Turnbull, Instiute of Neuroscience, Newcastle University.

We will be offering a career and mentoring session; a variety of post-Wellcome Trust PhD students will be involved in a panel discussion, and Professor Jenny Read will share how she shaped the career that they now have.



Please contact us if you haven't already received it.