Abstract guidelines

This is a chance to present what you would really like to about your PhD, whether it includes plans for future work, cool results you’ve got, or even how an experiment went horribly wrong. There is no requirement to use the standard ‘Methods, Results, Discussion’ format; we would like you to choose their own focus and structure.

Your abstract is going through EasyChair, a very convenient conference management system. You will need to register an account if you haven't already done so. Of course, the service is completely free. Please limit your abstract to no more than 300 words!
We have 24 presentation slots of 15 minutes over the two days. If your abstract is not accepted for a presentation slot, you will automatically be offered a poster slot.

You are able to register, and then submit an abstract later, as long as it's before the [EXTENDED] deadline of 

19th October

Submission link: