The School of Marine Science and Technology

The School of Marine Science and Technology, is the UK's first marine School which provides a single base for all education, innovation and research related to the sea. Annually, more than 300 students from more than 40 countries, register for accredited degrees in Marine Biology and Marine Technology related streams. Teaching in the School is informed by internationally recognised and industrially relevant research and supported by specialised facilities

Marine Biologist's at Newcastle recognise that in an environmentally conscious era, sustainable use of the seas, conservationof sea life and the management of the marine environment and coastlines are critical. Degrees focus on these current concerns. All marine biology students become experienced ecologists using the facilities at the Dove Marine Laboratory for coastal studies and the research vessel, The Princess Royal for work offshore.

Marine Technologists at Newcastle recogise that new solutions must be found to ensure that the use of the sea and waterways for energy resources, transport and leisure is undertaken in a sustainable way. Research activities using the Hydrodynamics Laboratory and Emerson Cavitation Tunnel as well as the Princess Royal, underpin teaching on all undergraduate degree courses.

Postgraduate courses in the School, either taught or by research, span a wide range of activities but association with identified research groups mean that students enjoy close contact with staff and fellow students to provide a friendly and flourishing research culture.

All students studing in the School enjoy an exciting and vibrant learning and recreational environment. The Students Common Room is a hive of activity and often the place to find the Wet Soc committee planning their next event, which could be an outing to a shipyard or to a fish farm,or perhaps discussing the details of the next formal dinner and dance.

The School organises an annual Careers Fair and is arranged exclusively for our own students. Attending the event are many local and worldwide employers, all seeking to employ our graduates. Companies include: Shell, BP Inetnational, Saipem Ltd, Bel Valves, Det Norske Veritas Lt, Lloyd's Register, Environment Agency to name but a few. The event takes place each year in November and all of our students are encouraged to attend.

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