The IMSF is an organization for professionals involved in the advancement of maritime education, training and research through the use of simulation. Objectives are to provide an effective medium for the interchange of ideas, develop performance criteria for the use of simulators and to collaborate with all other organizations involved in maritime simulation.

In order to achieve these objectives it is customary that at least once a year a general meeting with seminar is held at one of the members premises. Technical tours and visits to simulator facilities are then included. Once every three years a formal conference, the so called International MARSIM Conference, is organized at which official presentations are given and proceedings published. These proceedings form a source of information for anyone searching for knowledge on the topic of maritime simulation.


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We would like to invite you to attend MARSIM Conference in 2015.

Date: 8th - 11th September 2015

Location: Newcastle University, UK

The MARSIM conference series brings together subject experts and distinguished speakers to discuss and disseminate technical and topical issues, while exhibitors showcase the latest in maritime simulator technologies and training products.

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‌Int‌erested Parties

The conference covers the wide remit of ship manoeuvring and simulation including experts in:

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  • ‌‌ Hydrodynamic modelling and testing and related academic research.
  • Manufactures of full-mission ship bridge simulators, engine room, cargo handling, dredging, pollution control, GMDSS, ECDIS and/or all other types of maritime related simulators.
  • Maritime training facilities including Computer based Simulators and Manned Model facilities.
  • End users including the bridge team and pilots, port and harbour authorities, ship management teams and regulators.