Conference Programme

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Monday 8th September 2014

Doctoral Colloquium


Investigating the Issue of Trust: Analysing the Relationship between Banks, Media and Customers

Lakhbir Singh
10:00 An investigation into the facilitators and the barriers of organizational adoption of integrated solutions: the case of battery electric vehicles Elina Petersone, Allard C.R. van Riel, Jörg Henseler, and Ellen Roemer 
10:30 From Discrete to Relational Tweeting: On the integration of Twitter into Relationship Banking  Lisa Murray and Mark Durkin
11:00 R E F R E S H M E N T S
11:15 How outraged customers react: the consequences of customer rage in service failure and intervention strategies Wenjiao (Ruby), Zhang
11:45 Does C.R.M. enable effective responses to changes inside of the supply chain ? A case study within health services Gianluca Bonometti
12:15 Business-to-Business Supplier-Customer Relationship Value Creation Alexandre Metreveli, Beverly Wagner, and Fred Lemke
12:45 Summary of the Day  Fred Lemke
13:00  L U N C H
14:00 Social Event - Exclusive Football Stadium Tour 
15:30 Newcastle upon Tyne - Easy-going City Tour
19:00 Pre-registration Reception at Newcastle University Business School

Tuesday 9th September 2014

Full Colloquium (Academic)

08:30 R E G I S T R A T I O N   &   R E F R E S H M E N T S
09:15 Welcome Address Fred Lemke
09:30 Academic Keynote
Relationship Marketing: What it was, What it is, and What it will be."
Prof. Evert Gummesson 
Theme: CRM and Relationship Marketing 
Paper Presentations (Track Chair: Fred Lemke)
10:30 Effortless Engagement: An Exploration of Ease of Doing Business in B2C and B2B Contexts  Moira Clark and Susan Rose
10:50 Agencies and clients: co-creation in a key B2B relationship  Tim Hughes and Mario Vafeas
11:10  R E F R E S H M E N T S
Paper Presentations (Track Chair: Andreas Munzel)
11:25 Through the Looking Glass; Understanding Consumer Inaction in Retail Financial Services Tara Rooney, Katrina Lawlor, and Eddie Rohan
11:45  How does exchange create value? Christopher Medlin and Michael Saren
12:05  Panel Discussion Plenum
13:00 L U N C H
Paper Presentations (Track Chair: Hugh Wilson)
14:00 To adopt, or not to adopt: that is the question Elina Petersone, Allard C.R. van Riel, Jörg Henseler, and Ellen Roemer
14:20 Building the Exchange process: The antecedents of operational exchange in collaborative business-to business-relationships Mark A. Toon, Robert E. Morgan, and Matthew J. Robson 
14:40 Identifying the right solution customers: a managerial approach Katharina Windler, Uta Jüttner, Stefan Michel, Stan Maklan 
15:00 Antecedents and consequences of relationship quality in high credence services Pinelopi Athanasopoulou and Apostolos N. Giovanis 
15:20 R E F R E S H M E N T S
15:35 Discussion with the editor of Supply Chain Management – An International Journal (ABS 3*): How to get published and what to avoid

Dr Beverly Wagner
Editor of Supply Chain Management - An International Journal (ABS 3*)

16:35 Summary of the day  Fred lemke
16:45 End of Day 2

Depart to a fabulous Gala Dinner, held at Lumley Castle


Wednesday 10th September 2014

Full Colloquium (Academic and Practice)

08:30 R E F R E S H M E N T S
Theme: Services and Relationship Marketing
Paper Presentations (Track Chair: Moira Clark)
09:00 Can attachment theory explain why social bonds develop in business relationships? An exploratory study of professional service providers  Ewa Krolikowska
09:20 Determinants and Consequences of Reward Redemption in Loyalty Programs Marc Schnöring, David M. Woisetschläger, and Christof Backhaus
09:40 B2B Relationship Marketing – An assessment of the Nigerian SME-Bank Relationship Mark Ojeme, Andrew Robson, and Nigel Coates
10:00 Exit Strategy of Loyalty Programs Lena-Marie Rehnen, Anton Meyer, and Silke Bartsch
10:20 R E F R E S H M E N T S
Theme: Sustainability and Relationship Marketing
Paper Presentations (Track Chair: Niki Hynes and Juliette Wilson)
10:35 All for one and one for all: prosocial identity and norm effects in novel groups Guy P. Champniss, Hugh N. Wilson, Emma K. Macdonald, and Radu Dimitriu
10:55 Examining the role of employees and consumers in tourism environmental and sustainability CSR Victoria K. Wells, Babak Taheri, Diana Gregory-Smith, Danae Manika, and Clair McCowlen
11:15 The Role of Reputation in Consumer Assessment of Socially Irresponsible Behaviour in Food Chains: Lessons for Customer Management Luca Panzone, Henry L. Petersen, and Fred Lemke
11:55 The evolution of sustainability network structure and governance Gabriela Alvarez, Hugh N. Wilson, Colin Pilbeam, and Richard Wilding
12:15 S H O R T   B R E A K
12:20 Sustainability and Consumption: Special Session Niki Hynes and Juliette Wilson
13:00 L U N C H
Theme: Social media and Relationship Marketing
14:00 Practitioner Keynote
"Case Studies - The Best Business Use of Social Media Right Now"
Keynote sponsored by the CIM
 Christer Holloman
14:45 R E F R E S H M E N T S
15:00 Panel Discussion  Plenum
Paper Presentations (Track Chair: Christof Backhaus)
15:45 Too Many Friends? The Effects of Online Social Network Size and Intimacy on Happiness Through Social Capital Andreas Munzel, Jean-Philippe Galan, and Lars Meyer-Waarden
16:05 A study on consumer choice of green, reusable packaging option in e-tailing Johanna Gummerus and Michaela Lipkin
16:25 Summary of the Full Event  Fred Lemke
16:35 Presentation for ICRM 2015 Johanna Gummerus
16:45 End of Day 3
18:30 Depart to a spectacular Medieval Meal, held at Blackfriars Restaurant