About the Tour

PLEASE NOTE: At present, there are no Study Tours available for registration. However, if you would like to log your interest to participate in future tours, please contact the School of History, Classics & Archaeology at Newcastle University.


Following from the success of the Hadrian's Wall MOOC, Newcastle University is pleased to provide a study tour of Hadrian's Wall.

The tour provides visitors with the opportunity to directly explore and investigate the remains of a monumental Roman frontier, while benefitting from expert guidance, in a friendly, social environment.

During this tour, you will:‌

  • directly observe the diverse remains of the Hadrian's Wall frontier complex, including the Wall curtain and its ditch, turrets, milecastles, forts, and the Vallum;
  • explore the buildings that housed the 1000s of Roman soldiers that occupied the frontier;
  • view the objects and monuments used by the people of the frontier;
  • understand the different components that made up the frontier with your fellow students;
  • immerse yourself in a dramatic landscape.

The tour has been designed to accommodate those that have never studied Hadrian's Wall, as well as those familiar with the monument.

Travel to and from sites will be provided by a coach, but each site visit will involve walking, sometimes up steep slopes and for distances close to 1 mile (1.6 km).