Talking to the World for T&I Studies

Cognition, Emotion and Creativity in Translating and Interpreting

Talking to the World 3
International Conference for Translation and Interpreting Studies

17-18 September 2018
Newcastle University, United Kingdom

Following the success of our previous two conferences, the Talking to the World Conference 3 will take place at Newcastle University, UK, on 17-18 September 2018. The conference theme consists of three concepts: cognitionemotion and creativity in translating or interpreting.

Cognitively, translating and interpreting are exceptionally complex tasks. They involve sophisticated decision-making and research procedures which draw on not one but two language systems. Especially with interpreting, this happens under sharp time pressure.

Yet cognition goes nowhere without emotion. Emotional judgements motivate us to translate and interpret, and evaluate the resulting output. Crucially, emotion enables translators and interpreters to work with others – with source writers/speakers and audiences, with co-translators and boothmates, with clients, and with many others.

Creativity involves considering novel but appropriate solutions to problems. For instance, translating non-literally (‘novel’) to communicate effectively with a target audience whose cultural knowledge differs from source audiences (‘appropriate’). Moreover, creative decision-making combines cognitive and emotional skills in seeking and evaluating solutions – and persuading others to accept them.

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Talking to the World 3 T&I Conference

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