Technologies for energy efficiency

  • Energy efficiency via hull design and hull/propulsor interaction
  • Energy efficiency via engine improvements
  • Hull coatings
  • Wind related technologies
  • Renewable energy sources for shipping
  • Alternative fuels

Vessel operation for low carbon shipping

  • Voyage optimisation and weather routing
  • Maintenance for energy efficiency
  • Monitoring, recording and data utilisation
  • Role of Human on energy efficient ship operation
  • Novel ship operations
  • Onboard energy management

Shipping operation for low carbon shipping

  • Logistics optimisation
  • Low carbon supply chains
  • Fleet management for low carbon shipping
  • The role of ports in low carbon shipping
  • Green Ports

Policies, Regulations and Strategies for Sustainable Shipping

  • International & regional regulatory impact on shipping industry
  • Measuring and mapping shipping emissions
  • Meeting 2050 emission targets
  • Impact of Energy prices on Sustainable Shipping.