In response to growing concerns about the environment and climate change, industry, academia and policy makers have been working on solutions for environmentally friendly, energy efficient and sustainable shipping. Since 2011, an international conference has been organised annually to bring together experts from industry, academia and policy makers to present developments, share experience and develop joint actions to meet the 2050 targets for sustainable shipping.

The successful Low Carbon shipping conferences in 2011, 2012 and 2013 were continued in 2014 as Shipping in Changing Climates (SCC 2014). SCC 2015 will be hosted in Glasgow where the successful LCS 2011 conference was organised. The SCC 2015 international conference aimed to facilitate exchange of knowledge, development of new ideas and enhancement of collaboration between industry and academia globally.

For more information on Shipping in Changing Climates, and its predecessor, Low Carbon Shipping, please refer to http://www.lowcarbonshipping.co.uk/