Four 'mini tutorials' are available on the morning of Tuesday 4th June, before the main conference starts at lunch-time that day.

Please note that these will take place in two parallel tracks, before and after a mid-morning coffee break. Delegates may attend one tutorial before the break, and one after.

Please check the main Programme page for timings and locations.

1. HLL formal language and associate tools for safety assessment activities

Presenters: Julien Ordioni (RATP) and Benjamin Blanc (RATP)

2. Can 'agile' be 'high-integrity'? Systems and software engineering lessons from the front-line

Presenter: Kate Habgood (Altran)

3. SafeCap automated formal verification of railway signalling interlocking

Presenters: Dominic Taylor (SYSTRA) and Alexei Iliasov (Newcastle University, UK)

4. AdaCore technologies for CENELEC EN 50128:2011

Presenter: Eric Perlade (AdaCore)