RSSRail 2019

International Conference

4-6 June 2019 - Lille, France

 Conference Aims:

  • to bring together railway systems researchers and developers
  • to ensure that advances in research are driven by the real needs of the railway
  • to help develop technology that is usable, scalable and deployable
  • to support the provision and utilisation of advanced methods and tools
  • to present novel methods for modelling, analysis, verification and validation
  • to identify mechanisms and procedures which support evidence cases that standards are being met


  • to improve railway system safety, security and reliability
  • to reduce production cost, time to market and running costs
  • to increase system capacity and reduce carbon emissions


  • integration of railway systems into larger multi-mode transport networks
  • dramatic increases in the complexity of railway applications
  • an ever higher degree of automation

Development of the complex railway systems of the future requires integrated environments and methods that support different abstraction levels and multiple views, encompassing systems architecture, safety analysis, security analysis, verification methods and tools.

The RSSRail 2019 conference will build on the success of RSSRail 2016 (June 28-30, 2016, Paris) and RSSRail 2017 (November 14-16, 2017, Pistoia, Italy). This year’s conference will bring together researchers and engineers interested in building critical railway applications and systems.

This will once again be a working conference – in which research advances will be discussed and evaluated by both investigators and developers, focusing on their potential to be deployed in industrial settings.

The best student paper award supported by Eurnex will be presented during the conference.

The Call for Papers for the conference has now closed, and the set of Accepted Papers has been selected.

LNCS 11495 is now available online. You can find information about it at

During the conference the participants can access the Springer Proceedings of the conference.