Venue: La Cattedrale on the Via Sandro Pertini

The second edition of the RSSRail conference in November 2017 will be held in the historic railway town of Pistoia, in Tuscany – between Pisa and Firenze (Florence).

The venue of the conference will be La Cattedrale on the Via Sandro Pertini in Pistoia. 

This is a huge auditorium that has been refurbished for use as a conference and exhibition venue. It was originally a major railway workshop for building railway vehicles, but has now been transformed by the Municipality of Pistoia. The venue is located very conveniently about 5 minutes walking distance from the centre of town, or directly from the railway station.

However, delegates should note that this  building is not, of course, the “cathedral” of Pistoia; the religious heart of Pistoia is the Duomo di Pistoia dedicated to Saint Zeno of Verona.



As well as domestic links, international flights operate from both Pisa and Firenze airports (for example, flights from Amsterdam, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, London, Munich, Paris, …) with very convenient onward rail connections to Pistoia. The journey time from Florence to Pistoia by train is around 30 minutes; from Pisa the travel time is about one hour 20 minutes (including connection time at Lucca). Also worth noting is the fast rail connection from either Roma (90 mins) or Milano (100 mins) to Firenze.