1. Eduard Kamburjan and Reiner Hähnle. Formalizing Rulebooks for Railway Operations

2. Paulius Stankaitis, Alexei Iliasov and Alexander Romanovsky. Automated theorem provers for reasoning about safety of large railway networks

3. Luca Pugi.  Modelling Mutual Interactions of Traction Systems with on board Odometry Systems 

4. Klaus Reichl, Colin Snook and Peter Tummeltshammer. Formal V&V – Verification and Validation using Formal Methods

5. Bjrnar Luteberget, Christian Johansen, Martin Steen and Claus Feyling. RailCons tools: smart infrastructure editing

6. Somsak Vanit-Anunchai.  Sweep-line Analysis of Thai Railway Signalling Systems 

 7. Richard J. Thomas, Tom Chothia and Mihai Ordean. Defining a Secure Architecture for ERTMS and Rail Infrastructure

8. Niccoló Fabbri, Raffaele Malangone, and Fabio Senesi. A tool for the analysis of log data from ERTMS-ETCS on Italian high-speed lines

9. Christof J. Budnik, Marco Gario, Michael Golm, Stefan Mitsch and André Platzer. Formal Models as Test Oracles: Experience Working on Train Braking Systems