Accepted Papers

Ci Liang, Mohamed Ghazel, Olivier Cazier, Laurent Bouillaut and El-Miloudi El-Koursi. Bayesian Network Modeling Applied on Railway Level Crossing Safety.

GianlucaMandò and Giovanni Giambene. LTE Performance Evaluation for Light Rail Transit (LRT) Signaling Safety Applications.

Eduard Kamburjan and Reiner Hähnle. Deductive Verification of Railway Operations.

LoicHelouet, Karim Kecir, Bruno Adeline, Pierre Dersin and Eric Fabre. An efficient evaluation scheme for KPIs in regulated urban train systems.

Mathieu Comptier, David Deharbe, Julien Molinero Perez, Louis Mussat, Thibaut Pierre and Denis Sabatier. Safety Analysis of a CBTC System: A Rigorous Approach with System. Level B.

Paulius Stankaitis and Alexei Iliasov. Theories, Techniques and Tools for Engineering Heterogeneous Railway Networks.

Alessio Ferrari, Mario Fusani and Stefania Gnesi. Are Standards an ambiguity-free reference for product validation?

DavideBasile, Felicita Di Giandomenico and Stefania Gnesi. Dependable Dynamic Routing for Urban Transport Systems Through Integer Linear Programming.

Roberto Canonico, Stefano Marrone, Roberto Nardone and Valeria Vittorini. A framework to evaluate 5G networks for smart and fail-safe communications in ERTMS/ETCS.

Michael Butler, Dana Dghaym, Tomas Fischer, Thai Son Hoang, Klaus Reichl, Colin Snook and Peter Tummeltshammer. Formal modelling techniques for efficient development of railway control products.

William Temple, Yue Wu, Binbin Chen and ZbigniewKalbarczyk. Systems-Theoretic Likelihood and Severity Analysis for Safety and Security Co-Engineering.

Vincenzo Di Massa, MirkoDamiani, Maurizio Papini and GianlucaMandò. Light-Rail-Transit On-Board-Systems Redundant and Reliable Architecture Based On Open Source Tools.

ManelFredj, Sven Leger, AbderrahmaneFeliachi and Julien Ordioni. OVADO: Enhancing Data Validation for Safety-Critical Railway Systems.

Linh Hong Vu, Anne E. Haxthausen and Jan Peleska. A Domain-Specific Language for Generic Interlocking Models and Their Properties.

Stefan Mitsch, Marco Gario, Christof J. Budnik, Michael Golm and André Platzer. Formal Verification of Train Control with Air Pressure Brakes.
Alexandra Halchin, Yamine Ait-Ameur, Abderrahmane Feliachi, Julien Ordioni and Neeraj Kumar Singh. B-PERFect: Applying the PERF approach to B based system developments.