Molecular Photophysics Conference II

This meeting is the second in a series of one-day events to discuss molecular photophysics. The meeting will cover both experimental and theoretical aspects of the photophysical properties of organic and inorganic compounds and materials. The main topics to be discussed include luminescence, nonradiative transitions, light-induced electron transfer, electronic energy transfer and photochemical energy conversion. Properties of molecules and molecular materials will be addressed at fundamental and applied levels. The meeting concentrates on research carried out in the United Kingdom but is open to all researchers. It provides an opportunity for early career researchers, postgraduate students, post-doctoral researchers, academics and industrialists to meet and discuss with others working in the generic field. The main aim of the meeting is to stimulate cooperation and collaboration between research laboratories working in the area of molecular photophysics and to promote new applications for the research.

Participants are requested to register in advance. There will be a £10 registration fee to cover administrative charges.

The meeting is sponsored by the RSC Faraday Division. PhD students travelling long distance might be eligible for a travel bursary to help cover transport costs. Enquiries should be made at

Poster contributions are strongly encouraged. Forms for submitting a poster are available as part of the registration package. The deadline for submitting poster contributions has been extended to Wednesday 4th October.

The meeting will be held at the Research Beehive, Newcastle University, Tuesday 10th October 2017.


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