13.00 Arrivals (Armstrong Building, room 1.06)
13.30 Welcome; introductions; tribute to M. L. West (1937-2015)

14.00-15.30 Music and the body in ancient medicine (1) (Armstrong 1.06)
Chair:  Tosca Lynch
• Francesco Pelosi, 'Music for life:  embryology, cookery and harmonia in the Hippocratic De victu'
• Donatella Restani, 'Dal concepimento alla nascita: la musica humana nelle fonti mediche'

15.30 Coffee (Armstrong 1.05)

16.00-17.30 Music and the body in ancient medicine (2) (Armstrong 1.06)
Chair:  Massimo Raffa
• Andrew Barker, 'Reconstructing Galen's lost treatise On the Voice'
• Sylvain Perrot, 'The apotropaic function of music inside the sanctuaries of Asclepios:  votive offerings and ritual soundscape'

17.30 Reception (Armstrong 2.13)

18.30-19.30 Keynote address (Armstrong 1.06)
Pierre Destrée (Louvain), 'Aristotle on the power of music in tragedy'


09.30-11.00 Music and the body in ancient philosophy (Armstrong 1.06)
Chair:  Andrew Barker
• Juan Pablo Mira, 'Aristotle on musical emotions'
• Elizabeth Lyon, 'Ethical aspects of listening in Plato's Timaeus'

11.00 Coffee (Armstrong 1.05)

11.30-13.00 The aulos and the body (Armstrong 1.06)
Chair:  Eleonora Rocconi
• Anna Dolazza, 'Il corpo dell'auleta:  produzione, percezione e visualizzazione del suono'
• Nadia Baltieri, 'La musica, la danza e la frenesia “dionisiaca” nella tragedia euripidea'

13.00 Lunch (Armstrong 1.04)

14.00-15.30 MOISA 'Free' papers (Armstrong 1.06)
Chair:  Sylvain Perrot
• Armand D'Angour, 'Swinging the alphabet:  music and vocables in ancient Greece'
• Egert Pöhlmann, 'Ambrosian hymns:  evidence for Roman music of late antiquity?'

15.30 Coffee (Armstrong 1.05)

16.00-17.30 MOISA annual assembly (Armstrong 1.06)
Chair:  Angelo Meriani (MOISA President)

18.00-19.30 Concert (King's Hall, Armstrong Building, ground floor)

20.00 Conference dinner


09.30-11.00 Music and the dancing body (1) (Armstrong 1.06)
Chair:  Armand D'Angour
• Naomi Weiss, 'The choral body in Greek tragedy'
• Sarah Olsen, 'Choreia, dance, and the unruly body'

11.00 Coffee (Armstrong 1.05)

11.30-13.00 Music and the dancing body (2) (Armstrong 1.06)
Chair:  Naomi Weiss
• Zoa Alonso Fernández, 'Triumphale corpus mouebat:  dance and corporeality in Roman public religion'
• Karin Schlapbach, 'The fictionality of dance and the reality of musical performance in Longus' Daphnis and Chloe'

13.00 Lunch (Armstrong 1.04)

Conference ends

Conference organising committee:
Andrew Barker (Birmingham)
David Creese (Newcastle)
John Franklin (Vermont)
Pauline LeVen (Yale)
Liana Lomiento (Urbino)
Angelo Meriani (Salerno)
Eleonora Rocconi (Pavia)