Call for Submissions

Education for All, Thursday 2nd April 2020

The call for submissions is now closed. We look forward to sharing the conference programme with you soon.

What session formats will be included in the conference programme?

Workshops (50 minutes) 

A hands-on session to solve a problem, mine the collective experience of the attendees, practice something new or showcase a method. Choose a flat teaching space, or a PC cluster.  

Presentations (15 minutes) 

An opportunity to discuss an idea or practice in more detail, space to explore questions, challenges and solutionsThese will be chaired sessions and grouped into themes where possible. There will be time for questions at the end. 

Lightning talks (5 minutes) 

A speedy way to introduce a new idea, share an approach, or pose a question or provocation. These will be grouped in themes where possible. There will be time for questions at the end.  


Posters will be on display throughout the day. Poster presenters should be available by their poster to answer questions during the lunch break. Prizes for the best posters will be awarded at the conference close. 


What areas will be explored at the conference?

The conference invites submissions linked to the following areas: 

  • Enabling the success and progression of students from all backgrounds 

  • Accessible and inclusive learning 

  • Developing students academically, professionally and personally across a diverse population  

  • Education in a research-intensive university 

  • Professional development of staff as educators and colleagues who support education 

  • Distance learners and lifelong professional practice 

  • Collaboration between students, academics, and professional services colleagues to deliver our educational vision 

  • Working in partnerships beyond the institution 


What happens once I have submitted?

Submissions will go through a selection process by the programme committeewho will consider the following: 

  • Relevance to the conference themes. 

  • Appeal to a diverse audience. Whilst presenters are encouraged to share work in a specific subject discipline, submissions should identify points of interest and implications for those working in other disciplines and areas of work. 

  • The quality of the proposal and practice being sharedProposals should be well-written, engaging and successfully communicate the effective and educationally interesting practice that is being delivered.  

  • Whether an appropriate delivery method has been selected, e.g. presentation, workshop, poster, lightning talk.


What are the key dates I need to know?


Submission deadline: Monday 20th January 2020 

Confirmation of sessions:Friday 14th February 2020 

Programme published:Monday 2nd March 2020 

Registrations close:Friday 15th March 2020