New Perspectives on Galactic Magnetism

10 to 14 June 2019 , Newcastle upon Tyne , UK

Rapid improvements in the observing capabilities of radio telescopes and in the physical realism of numerical simulations, as well as growing activities due to the Square Kilometre Array and its pathfinders all call for a meeting on galactic magnetism. “New Perspectives on Galactic Magnetism” aims to provide a platform to facilitate effective communication between observers, theorists and simulators to foster new collaborations and advance our field in new directions. We plan to have critical reviews accessible to all participants and presentations on current and future work on all aspects of galactic magnetism (i.e. including the Milky Way and other galaxies). We particularly welcome contributions on new observational techniques; the connection with other components of the interstellar medium, including cosmic rays; recent advances in numerical simulations; the use of numerical simulations to help interpret observations; and revisiting and addressing common assumptions in the field. 

Invited Speakers (confirmed)

Tony Bell (Oxford)
Carmelo Evoli (Gran Sasso Science Institute)
Bryan Gaensler (Toronto)
Isabelle Grenier (Saclay)
Marijke Haverkorn (Nijmegen)
George Heald (CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science)
Tess Jaffe (Goddard SFC / Maryland)
Vibor Jelic (Ruđer Bošković Institute)
Cornelia Lang (Iowa)
Ann Mao (Bonn)
Shane O'Sullivan (Hamburg)
Rüdiger Pakmor (Heidelberg)
Kandu Subramanian (Pune)
Cameron Van Eck (Toronto)


Scientific Organising Committee.

The programme will be drawn up by the SoC:

Katia Ferrière (Toulouse)
Andrew Fletcher (Newcastle)
Cathy Horellou (Onsala)
Ann Mao (Bonn)
Christoph Pfrommer (Potsdam)