Speakers & Discussion Panels

The 3-day conference will be framed around the following:

 Keynotes from esteemed experts:

  • Prof Angela McRobbie (Goldsmiths University, London UK) ‘Micro-enterprises in Times of Pandemic: the need for locality and diversity’
  • Prof Agnès Rocamora (London College of Fashion, London UK) ‘Fashion and Digital Media Logic in light of the Pandemic'
  • Prof. Ben Barry (Ryerson University, Toronto Canada) "Fashioning from bed: Crip dress practices of resistance and resilience"

 Industry Panel Special Guests:

  • Kellie Daniels (Salomé Designs)
  • Maggie Ibbetsen – TTM Management
  • Zoë Noble – Commercial Photographer (Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar)
  • Henry Wade – Content Creator, Men’s Fashion/Lifestyle Blogger (Tommy Hilfiger, Puma, Rover Island, Tag Heuer) 
  • Emilie Hill – Junior Magazine Journalist (the Telegraph, Stella)
  • Faith Richardson – Freelance Fashion Journalist (Graduate Fashion Foundation, High Life North) 

 Discussion panels

  • Creative Practice & Fashion ‘labour’ during ‘lockdown’

    • Linda Watson – Reader in Fashion, Northumbria University – ‘Reinventing the fashion narrative:  How Graduate Fashion Foundation adapted to the unprecedented challenges presented by the Covid 19 pandemic.’
    • Elizabeth Gaston – Senior Lecturer, Northumbria University – ‘Zoom Hoods - Fashion Research in and for a Global Pandemic’
    • Catherine Glover – Senior Lecturer in Fashion Comms & Prog. leader MRes Design, Northumbria University- 'Hope: A sensorial Story of Lockdown.’
    • Christopher Hodge – Senior Lecturer Fashion Comms – Northumbria University – ‘Broken Ribs: Crafting through Covid-19.’
  • Creative revisions/innovations to fashion media, events & markets 

  • Catherine Greenwood – Research Assistant - UCLAN - What Impact Does Instagram Have on The Way In Which British Female Millennials Fashion And Validate Their Social Identity And Social Status Through The Use Of Instagram As A Fashion Editorial?
  • Steve Walls – Lecturer, Newcastle University – Promotional strategies through lockdown – evaluating socially distanced events throughout a global pandemic.
  • Alana James – Senior Lecturer in Fashion, Northumbria University – ‘Building Resilience in Fashion Retail towards the “New normal”’
  • Mark Sumner – Lecturer in sustainability, retail & fashion, Leeds - Ethical practices in Fashion supply chains: Resilience and the Covid 19 Pandemic (retail)
  • Social Responsibility, Fashion & Ethics during the Pandemic

  • Karen Dennis – Founder/Owner Ketchup Clothes – ‘Revolutions Come in Cycles: Part 2’
  • Elizabeth Kramer – Senior Lecturer Design History Northumbria University – ‘Fashionable Face Coverings: fashionability and responsibility in the marketing of cloth masks’