About the Conference

A space for Post-Graduate Researchers (PGRs) in the field of education at North-East universities to share research interests, experiences and discoveries.

This conference is designed specifically for PGRs and is open to students at all stages of their research. We will be providing a variety of activities including short and long research presentations, discussion forums and panel discussions.

The aim of the conference is to establish a supportive, vibrant and inter-institutional network for PGRs in Education which will allow students within the North-East to share, discuss, and enhance their research through new and supportive perspectives. We hope that this conference will provide a platform for future discussions and collaborations. Our long-term objective is to establish a regular series of reading-groups and discussion groups to be hosted at different institutions.

This one day conference is open to all PGR researchers working in the field of education in the North-East. We invite abstracts covering all areas of education research and from any stage of research. Presentations can be short (5-10 minutes) on proposals or longer (20-30 minutes) on thesis conclusions. We invite participants to discuss their research as a whole or to focus on specific issues such as research methods, the experience of conducting research in the North-East or internationally, or perhaps a paper they are hoping to publish.


Opportunity for Publication:

We are very happy to announce that we will be working with ARCLES, Newcastle University's School of Education, Communication, and Language Sciences annually published e-journal. To find out more about ARCLES and to see past issues, please see https://research.ncl.ac.uk/arecls/.

We will be inviting conference speakers to submit their presentations, or submit papers on their research for publication. 


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