Call for Papers

Abstract submission is now closed and all authors have been notified of acceptance/rejection.

We welcome abstracts which take a quantitative approach to data analysis and deal with diverse aspects of variation and change in the use of items and constructions often referred to as discourse markers or pragmatic particles whose primary functions are interpersonal and textual (e.g. well, like, you know, comme, alors, doch, zwar, diciamo, dakedo). Abstracts are invited on analyses of any language or variety. Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • methods in the quantitative analysis of discourse-pragmatic features
  • sociolinguistic patterns of discourse-pragmatic variation and change
  • social and geographical diffusion patterns of innovative discourse features
  • patterns of discourse-pragmatic variation and change across varieties and languages
  • the role of discourse-pragmatic features in the construction and negotiation of social identities
  • discourse-pragmatic variation and change in contexts of language contact
  • contrastive/cross-linguistic studies of discourse-pragmatic variation and change
  • the acquisition of discourse-pragmatic variation by children and second language learners
  • socio-perceptual studies of discourse-pragmatic variation
  • discourse-pragmatic variation across interactional, situational and technological settings
  • implications & applications of discourse variation analysis within and beyond linguistic theory

The conference language is English: abstracts must be submitted and papers given in English.