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We're delighted to announce our 'Virtual Student Exchange' (VSE) for Gakushuin & Newcastle Geography, Politics & Sociology students on Thursday 16th December 2021 9-10am UK Time/6-7pm Japan Time

CCC VSE labelled

This is going to connect students in GPS with their peers at Gakushuin University in Tokyo around themes of social class and culture in a time of crisis. We'll be generating data on our social networks (who we know), economic resources (what we have) and cultural practices (what we do) to map out our shared social space. When you register you'll be asked to fill in a short anonymous survey that will ask you about these. Your Japanese peers have already done this. You'll be taking part in a unique experiment, and because we’re using 'simultaneous translation' support, we'll be overcoming language barriers in real-time. So no Japanese is needed, or any prior knowledge/study of social class...just bring your curiosity!

Please come and join us. Go to: to register and complete the survey by this Friday 3rd December please. This is the last event in our Culture, Class, Connection programme so please help us to go to go out with an end of term bang!

Many thanks,

Niall Cunningham & Shinobu Majima‌



We're bringing leading scholars of social class from around the world into dialogue on the work of EP Thompson and its relevance to Japan/UK labour history.

EP Thompson 22 Oct


About this event

This is the fourth in a series of international events taking place as part of the Culture, Class, Connection: Bridging Debates on Class and Inequality project. The project aims to build research capacity, future collaborations and friendships at a variety of levels between scholars and students at Japanese and British partner universities. We'll be using simultaneous translation again to successfully overcome language barriers. Please register at: Culture & Class: Rethinking E.P. Thompson Tickets, Fri 22 Oct 2021 at 13:00 | Eventbrite. All are welcome.

Panel 1. E. P. Thompson and Japan 13:00~ (UK time) = 21:00~ (Japan time) = 8:00~ (US Eastern time)

  1. Andrew Gordon (Harvard University) ‘Some reflections on the Making of the Japanese Working Class’2
  2. Hideo Ichihashi (Saitama University) ‘Class, Friendship and a “Capacity for Experience”: Young Workers of the 60’s in Japan’

Panel 2. Class and Historians: The Legacy of E. P. Thompson 14:00~ (UK time) = 22:00~ (Japan time) = 9:00~ (US Eastern time)

  1. Mike Savage (International Inequalities Institute, LSE) ‘The working class in the 21st century: dilemmas and possibilities?’
  2. Takao Matsumura (Keio University, Emeritus) ‘E. P. Thompson’s “History from Below” and dissemination of “Responsible History”' 


The CCC team are delighted to be able to announce details of an exciting series of online/hybrid international events for the Autumn of 2021. These include a range of activities open to members of the public, the research community and students in both Japan and the UK.


Thursday 23 September 2021

Let’s check out our ‘socio-cultural proximity’ (Gakushuin Students Only). An experiement using MCA in contemporary Cultural Class Analysis.

8:00~ (UK time) = 16:00~ (Japan time) ‌

CCC Event 1 Poster 220921


Public Discussion: ‘Social Class and Social Polarisation in the UK and Japan’

Register via:

Thursday, 23 September 2021

10:00~ (UK time) = 18:00~ (Japan time)

Chair: Yuji Genda (University of Tokyo)

Toshiaki Tachibanaki (University of Kyoto, emeritus)

Takehiko Kariya (University of Oxford)

Mike Savage (III, LSE)

 * Hybrid event, livestreamed from a classroom at Gakushuin, interpreted simultaneously

CCC Event 2 Trans 110921


International Workshop: ‘Social Class, Regional Inequalities and Historical Change’

Register via:

Friday, 24 September 2021

9:00~ (UK time) = 17:00~ (Japan time)

 Panel 1. Regional inequalities in Japan 9:00~ (UK time) = 17:00~ (Japan time)

  1. Tomoki Nakaya (Tohoku University): ‘Geographic inequalities in health during the lost decades in Japan’
  2. Sebastien Boret (Tohoku University): ‘Dealing with death and social vulnerabilities at times of disasters’
  3. Comment: Niall Cunningham

<15-mins tea/coffee break>

Panel 2. Social Class in Contemporary Japan 10:45~ (UK time) = 18:45~ (Japan time)

  1. Yoshimichi Sato (Tohoku University): ‘Intra-generational mobility between regular and non-regular employment sectors’
  2. David Slater (Sophia University): ‘From stratification to social class: the life and death of “freeter” in Heisei Japan’
  3. Comment: Andy Miles

45-mins lunch/dinner break>

Panel 3. Class and gender inequalities 13:00~ (UK time) = 21:00~ (Japan time) = 8:00~ (US time)

  1. Nobuko Hara (Hosei University): ‘Dual Deregulation of Labour and Childcare in Japan’
  2. Andrew Gordon (Harvard University): ‘Gender, Class and Contingent Labor in Contemporary Japan’
  3. Comment: Mike Savage

EP Thompson 22 Oct


International Workshop: 'Culture and Class: Rethinking EP Thompson'

Friday, 22 October 2021

13:00~ (UK time) = 21:00~ (Japan time) = 8:00~ (US time)

Panel 1. E. P. Thompson and Japan

Andrew Gordon (Harvard University): ‘Some reflections on the Making of the Japanese Working Class’

Hideo Ichihashi (Saitama University): ‘Class, Friendship and a “Capacity for Experience”: Young Workers of the 60’s in Japan’

14:00~ (UK time) = 22:00~ (Japan time) = 9:00~ (US time)

Panel 2. ‘Class and historians: The legacy of E. P. Thompson’

Mike Savage (III, LSE): ‘The working class in the 21st century: dilemmas and possibilities?’

Takao Matsumura (Keio University, Emeritus): ‘E. P. Thompson’s “History from Below” and dissemination of “Responsible History” ’

 * Hybrid event, livestreamed from a hotel room in Tokyo, interpreted simultaneously


International Digital Student Exchange: 'Exploring Comparative Class and Culture in Young People in a Time of Crisis'

An experiment allowing students from Japan and the Uk to discuss concepts of social and cultural capital in comparative context, generating, modelling and interpreting their own data using MCA. 

Time and date TBC. 


We are sad to have to announce the cancellation of our Manchester event on Friday 21st February owing the ongoing dispute over pay, pensions, workloads and casualisation in the university sector. You can find out more about the dispute here:

Our Newcastle and Japanese events go ahead as planned. Please join us!

Newcastle event details and tickets - Come and join us on February 28th! UPDATE 8 NOVEMBER 2019

CCC Newcastle web poster 240220

We are delighted to annouce details of the event to take place at Newcastle University on Friday 28th February 2020. We will be welcoming people from around the world to develop this network. Our confirmed speakers are:  

KEYNOTE: Mary C. Brinton, Reischauer Institute for Japanese Studies, Harvard University

Shinichi Aizawa, Education, Sophia Daigaku, Tokyo

Dimitris Ballas, Spatial Sciences, University of Groningen

Sophie Buhnik, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris/Maison Franco-Japonaise, Tokyo

Roger Burrows, Architecture, Planning & Landscape, Newcastle University

Noriko Cable, Epidemiology & Public Health, UCL

David Chiavacci, Asian & Oriental Studies, University of Zurich

Tony Elger, Sociology, University of Warwick

Janet Hunter, Economic History, London School of Economics

Shinobu Majima, Economic History, Gakushuin Daigaku, Tokyo

Siobhan McAndrew, Sociology, Bristol University 

Ayumi Takenaka, Liberal Arts, Ritsumeikan Daigaku, Kyoto

Eime Tobari, Urban Data Analysis, Cocreatif, London

Please join us for what promises to be a fascinating day! Tickets are free but space is limited and registration is essential: 

Our Manchester event will take place at Manchester University on Friday February 21st and information should appear here very soon. Our Japanese events will take place at Kyoto Sangyo University on Saturday 4th April and Hitotsubashi and Gakushuin Universities in Tokyo on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th April. Again, details will appear here very soon so please check back here regularly. 

Manchester event details - Come and join us on February 21st as well! UPDATE 27 JANUARY 2020

It is great to be able to announce details of our event at Manchester University, taking place on Friday 21st February. Come and join us there for what promises to be a gret discussion. Details of registration can be found at this link:


10.00-10.15: Welcome and project introduction

10.15-11.15: Introductory Lecture

Mike Savage (London School of Economics), ‘Rethinking Class in an era of Escalating Global Inequality’.

11.15-11.30: Break

11.30-13.00: Issues of cultural capital - culture, class and distinction      

Shinichi Aizawa (Sophia University), ‘Social Class in Japan from the view point of cultural capital’.

Andrew Miles (University of Manchester), ‘Everyday participation, class and cultural policy in the UK’.

Comments: David Wright (University of Warwick)

13.00-13.45: Lunch

13.45-15.15: The relationship between economic and cultural capital - work, education and class

Mark Williams (Queen Mary University), ‘Occupational class inequality at work in Britain’.

Takehiko Kariya (University of Oxford), ‘Post-catch-up modernity and hidden inequality in Japanese education’.           

Comment: Shinobu Majima (Gakushuin University)

15.15-15.30: Break

15.30-17.00: Issues of social identity and class consciousness - perspectives and the relationship between 'objective' and 'subjective' class identities

Sarah Irwin (University of Leeds), ‘Subjective inequalities and social structure: class, concepts and methods’.

Ayumi Takenaka (Ritsumeikan University), ‘The Hierarchy of Japanese Identities: constructing nationhood through diasporas’.

Comment: Wendy Bottero (University Manchester)

17.00-17.30: Closing remarks

Alan Warde (University of Manchester), ‘Reflections on class, culture and distinction’.