The workshop will be held in the Armstrong Building in Room 2.50 (Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri) and next door in Room 2.49 (Wed).

Tea, coffee, and biscuits will be provided. Meals will be organised informally each day depending on interests.

Eduroam WiFi is available on campus. Newcastle University also provides a free guest service under the name "Wifi Guest"; see here for details.

The Armstrong Building is number 22 on the Campus Map. The closest Metro and bus station to the venue is Haymarket, less than 5 mins walk away. Central Station is about 20 mins walk away. See here for more comprehensive travel information.

Getting to the workshop room requires a qualification in orienteering. You might consider printing out these instructions in advance.

To get to the workshop room, find your way to Northern Stage on the campus of Newcastle University (shown on map below). From there, walk towards the dual arches (see one of the images that flashes up on the homepage). Do not walk under them, but instead turn left and walk in between the large head sculptures. You should now be in front of another archway. Walk through it into the courtyard where you will see a statue of Martin Luther King (see image on homepage). Enter the doors behind the statue. You will now be confronted with a triad of pathways. Like Robert Frost, you must choose a path. Pick not the door marked King's Hall, nor the sloped path, but rather the doorway in the middle. Walk across the corridor and up the stairs. Walk up two floors to the top and exit through the right door. Then turn right and walk to the end of the corridor. You have made it. And unlike Frost, you can explore the other pathways at lunch.

Interactive Map