Joint CHILES and CCP Workshop

23-27 July 2018

In late 2013, the CHILES and CHILES Con Pol (CCP) teams began accumulating joint observations of the COSMOS field as part of an unprecedented 1000 hour time allocation with the world's most powerful cm-wavelength radio telescope, the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array. Observations are scheduled to be completed in 2019 after a total of 5 observing seasons. The full data will enable us to peer into new parameter space and unveil new scientific discoveries, doubling the lookback time of HI imaging studies, probing faint radio transient objects, opening up radio detectability of typical star forming galaxies detected in the optical, X-ray, and infrared bands, and probing large scale magnetic fields throughout the cosmic web.

This workshop will enable participants to update each other on technical and scientific progress, come together to focus on current challenges, and work together to plan our run to the 1000 hour finish line of our survey.

The workshop will be split into two parts with an overlap day in the middle:

  • The CHILES team will meet from Monday to Wednesday 23-25 July
  • The CCP team will meet from Wedesday to Friday 25-27 July

Registration is required to attend the workshop.

We thank the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics at Newcastle University for providing financial support for this workshop.