AIC2022 will continue the tradition of bringing together researchers who use Conversation Analysis to examine interactions that evidence a divergence from more typical patterns, often brought about by the communication challenges of one or more of the participants. In past conferences, this has included (but has not been limited to) interactions involving individuals diagnosed with conditions such as aphasia, autism, dementia, dysarthria, schizophrenia, and visual- and speech impairment, in both clinical and social settings. Researchers have also examined communicative events involving interaction with robots, and with animals. 


Conference theme: Activity, Inclusivity, Creativity

Regardless of the range of linguistic and communicative resources available to people, their life-worlds are embedded within complex, semiotically-rich environments in which they organise themselves into collaborative activities. They dance together, or read or cook together; they go shopping or visit the cinema; they play board games, or play in a band; they take art classes, or play a team sport; they work together. Particular social activities can present some members with additional challenges, excluding them from active participation due to the performance demands or complexity of the activity. But activity frameworks can also provide members with important organisational routines, templates that support and underpin people’s social engagement with one another. Such activity frameworks can be sufficiently stable to permit divergence from the normative patterns of being, inviting play and creativity to emerge, endorsing atypical patterns of expression and mutual engagement. We invite presentations that help us reflect on the centrality of situated activities in the organisation of members’ engagements with one another. 

Local Organising Committee

Adam Brandt
David Carr
Spencer Hazel
Nikki Hawley
Gina Knaggs
Chris Leyland
Paul Seedhouse
Kleopatra Sideridou

Scientific Committee

Saul Albert, Loughborough University
Elizabeth Muth Andersen, University of Southern Denmark
Charles Antaki, Loughborough University
Scott Barnes, Macquarie University
Adam BrandtNewcastle University
Rachel Chen, University of California Berkeley
Anna Ekström, Linköping University
Simone Girard-Groeber, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland
Spencer HazelNewcastle University 
Jon HindmarshKing's College London
Kristina Humonen, Newcastle Univerity
Anu KlippiUniversity of Helsinki
Minna LaaksoUniversity of Helsinki
Chris LeylandNewcastle University 
Christian Morgner, Sheffield University
Kristian Mortensen, University of Southern Denmark
Elin Nilsson, Linköping University
Paul SeedhouseNewcastle University 
Mika SimonenUniversity of Helsinki 
Jan Svennevig, University of Oslo
Sylvaine Tuncer, King's College London
Traci WalkerUniversity of Sheffield