Submit an Abstract

 Please read the submission guidelines below. When you are ready to submit your abstract you can do so here:



1. Timelines

Authors are strongly advised to begin preparing their submissions well in advance of the following deadlines:

28th April 2017

Symposium submission deadline- NOW EXTENDED UNTIL 12TH MAY

12th May 2017

Notification of symposium submission outcomes

26th May 2017

Individual paper and poster submission deadline

23rd June 2017

Notification of Individual paper and poster submission outcomes

2. Criteria for Submissions

All abstracts should be up to 250 words, exclusive of the title. They should not include references and should be written in either the past or present tense. Upon submission of an abstract the author/co-authors/convenor will be asked to confirm that the research reported adheres to the Society’s Code of Ethics and Conduct. Abstracts of accepted papers are published in booklet form for the benefit of attendees at the conference. They will also appear in The Proceedings of the British Psychological Society which are published online.

We are accepting submissions in the form of Symposia, Individual Papers and Posters. All proposals must include: Title, Name and institutional affiliation of the first author, Name and institutional affiliation of each co-author, Contact details for corresponding author, and Abstract (max. 250 words).  In addition to a structured abstract for each paper within a symposium, each symposium submission should also be accompanied by a Symposium Summary. This should be up to 250 words, and must describe the theme, objectives and the relevance of the individual contributions to the symposium. It should also name the Convenor/ Chair of the symposium.

3. Session Type


A symposium is a set of 4 or more papers linked by a common theme. A symposium musthave a Convenor, who organises the symposium submission and acts as the link person to the conference organisers; a named Chair; and (optionally) a named Discussant. The same person can fulfil these roles. Each paper within a symposium will be allocated 20 minutes.

Individual Papers

Papers are allocated 20 minute slots on the programme.

Poster Presentations

Poster sessions will be timetabled into the conference programme in sessions which provide an opportunity for presenters and participants to discuss work and findings. Further information regarding the dimensions of the poster boards will be supplied to presenters who have their posters accepted. For postgraduates there is a poster prize.

4. Refereeing Procedure

Reviewers will be assessing each submission on a number of criteria, namely its contribution to knowledge, the extent to which it informs the practical application of knowledge, the extent to which it provides new insight into the issues it addresses, its methodological thoroughness, its originality, its clarity and its potential interest to the conference audience. Each submission is blind reviewed. In the case of symposia submissions, the refereeing procedure will include the package as a whole and the merit and importance of any individual contributions. From time to time referees may feel that a particular submission lends itself to a different format to that which is proposed and in these cases authors will be invited to consider an alternative format. Authors will be notified of the referees’ decision via email. The decision of referees is final. Individual presenters in symposia are not contacted, all correspondence will be conducted through the Convenor who is responsible for keeping presenters informed. Every effort will be made to accommodate any timetable constraints notified at the time of submission.

5. North East Branch Sponsored Symposium

The British Psychological Society North East Branch will be awarding sponsorship that will cover day-rate attendance and transport for up to 5 individuals to present a symposium (to a maximum of £1000). The abstracts from this symposium will be published in the next NEEB bulletin. To be eligible for this award all speakers in the symposia must be based at an institution within the North East region. The winning symposia will be selected based on the quality of science, the cohesion of the individual abstracts within the submission and the relevance of the symposia theme to the conference. Upon submission of a symposium convenors will be asked to indicate whether their symposium is eligible and if so whether they would like to be considered for this award. The deadline for symposia submissions is earlier than that for individual papers, so unsuccessful applicants can decide whether to present as planned, to present individual papers, or to withdraw.

6. Further information


All presenters are expected to register and pay at the appropriate rate. Registration will open in March 2017 and early bird rates expire on 21st July 2016.

Audio visual requirements

A data projector and PC/ laptop will be available in all seminar rooms. If you are likely to require additional equipment, please indicate this when submitting your abstract.

Code of Conduct

Authors of all material submitted must confirm adherence to the British Psychological Society’s Code of Ethics and Conduct. Particular attention should be made to the section on Integrity and the importance of sub-sections 4.1iii and 4.1vi. Copies of the Code may be obtained either from the Society’s website:

The use of non-sexist language

Submissions must not contain sexist language. The following suggestions are made about ways to avoid sexist language:

i) Avoid using sex-specific forms generically. For example, use plurals they/their rather than he/she or his/her.

ii) Delete pronouns – e.g., the participant completed his/her task becomes the participant completed the task.

iii) Avoid specifying the sex of the referent unless it is relevant – e.g., use counsellor, client or participant.

Avoid making sex-stereotyped assumptions about people, their abilities, attitudes and relationships.

Guidelines for Psychologists Working with Animals

When submitting material, please note the guidelines for psychologists working with animals. Copies of these guidelines can be obtained online:

SACWAP guidelines

When submitting material, please note the SACWAP guidelines dealing with the use of animals in psychological research. Copies of these guidelines can be obtained from the Leicester Office.