Parisa Akaber

Parisa is working as a Knowledge Transfer Partnership Associate between Newcastle University and Siemens MindSphere Application Centre on grid-connected energy storage systems project. As a kid, she was passionate about playing different board-games with her dad which sparked her desire for Logic and Mathematics. As she grew up, she was inspired to continue her studies in Physics and Mathematics in highschool. When it was time to apply to university, she knew that she wanted to be a computer engineer due to her interest in programming and solving real word problems.

She received her bachelor’s degree from Shiraz University, Iran in 2014 and soon after she moved to Montreal, Canada to continue her studies mostly because she wanted to see things from another perspective. She received her MSc in Information Systems Security (ranked 1st) from the Institute for Information Systems Engineering, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada last year and moved to the UK to explore new opportunities and to feed her thirst for knowledge and experiences. Her general field of research is Critical Infrastructure Modeling, Resilience Analysis, and Vulnerability Assessment. Currently, she is working between Newcastle University and Siemens.