Sustaining Creative Economies



NEWS FLASH - Philippe Kern of KEA Associates (the top European consultancy on creative industries in Brussels) and Andy Pratt from Kings College London will be Keynote Speakers at this event.


3rd International Cultural Trade Forum

Sustaining Creative Economies: East and West Perspectives in Creativity, Entrepreneurialism, Social Renewal and Trade

June 18-19 2012

Newcastle University Business School

The creative industries and the creative business sector are increasingly recognized by policy makers and governments around the world as vitally important to regional social regeneration and national economic development strategies. Business-led entrepreneurialism and government investment contribute enormously to the regeneration of formerly industrialized societies but also to the economic well being of countries seeking to entrench economic success through diversification. But creative industries require their own forms of knowledge, expertise, strategy, legislation, economic and social policy, and forms of government intervention the development and understanding of which are one focus of this forum.

The creative industries also strongly influence the production of contemporary culture and cultural artefacts of many kinds from films and electronic games to tourism and leisure, landscape, urban design and heritage management to imagined futures and packaged pasts. They have and will continue to produce their own crises of identity, spatial challenges, and domains of political and social contestation. As such, strategists, policy makers, managers, and entrepreneurs all need to better understand creativity’s core ingredients to recognise both its rewards and its limitations in promoting social renewal and regeneration.

The forum aims to bring together a range of different individuals and organizations from across the North East of England and into discussion with our partners from  Beijing International Studies University to explore the role the creative industries play in social renewal here and to foster and mediate new international partnerships.

We warmly invite expressions of interest in participating from creative industries practitioners and entrepreneurs, from all areas of the creative business sector, from academics, from local government and non-government organisations, from designers, artists, and culture producers of all sorts. We welcome expressions of interest and proposals for papers in areas including (but not limited to):

Selected presenters will be invited to submit their contributions/papers/presentations/panel discussions for publication in a collection to be edited by the organisers and published by international publisher, Routledge.

This conference is ALSO very much open to people who do not want to give a paper; if you want to attend please contact Jenny Hasenfuss below; although fees still apply. 



Prof Andy Pratt PDF 4,417Kb

Prof. Andy Pratt "The Cultural Contraditions of the Creative City"

Philippe Kern lecture - Towards a Creative Europe PDF 3,432Kb

Philippe Kern lecture powerpoint - Towards a Creative Europe