‌The conference will run from 12.00 on Tuesday, June 28 until 15.30 on Thursday, June 30.
A copy of the provisional delegate brochure can be downloaded from here: Brochure.
Details of the invited talks are available here: Invited Talks.
Details of the accepted posters are available here: Accepted Posters.

Tuesday 28th June

12.00        Registration and Coffee                    

13.00        Welcome from RATP and the Programme Chairs 

                 Session Chair: Alexander Romanovsky

13.10        Keynote 1: Robin Bloomfield (Adelard LLP & City University, UK)

                 The risk assessment of ERTMS-based railway systems from a cyber perspective: 
                 methodology and lessons learned

14.10        Coffee break

                 Session: Security. Chair: Ralf Pinger

14.40        Joeri de Ruiter, Richard J Thomas & Tom Chothia (University of Birmingham, UK)

                 Formal Security Analysis of ERTMS train to Trackside Protocols

15.20        Po-Chi Huang & Birgit Milius (Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany)

                 Operational Security  
                 A Coming Evolution of Railway Operational Procedures under the IT security Threat

16.00        Florent Pépin & Maria Grazia Vigliotti (RSSB, UK)

                 Risk Assessment of the 3Des in the ERTMS

16.40        Close of Day 1

17.30        Conference reception Café Barge


Wednesday 29th June

08.30        Coffee

                 Session Chair: Thierry Lecomte

09.00        Keynote 2: Denis Sabatier (ClearSy, France)

                 Using formal proof and B method at system level for industrial projects

                 Session: Systems 1. Chair: Aryldo Russo

10.00        Xiao Han, Tao Tang, JidongLv & Haifeng Wang (Beijing Jiaotong University, China)

                 Failure Analysis of Chinese Train Control System Level 3 Based on Model Checking

10.40        Coffee break

11.10        Marco Filax, Tim Gonschorek & Frank Ortmeier (Otto-von-Guericke-Universität, Germany)

                 Correct Formalization of Requirement Specifications: A V-Model for Building Formal Methods

11.50        Alexei Iliasov, Paulius Stankaitis & David Adjepon-Yamoah (University of Newcastle, UK)

                 Static verification of railway scheme and interlocking design data

12.30        Lunch

                 Session Chair: Alexander Romanovsky

13.30        Invited presentation: Claude Andlauer (Head of Rail Transport for RATP, France)

                 Formal methods as part of RATP’s DNA

                 Session: Systems 2. Chair: Véronique Delebarre

14.15        Christophe Limbrée, Quentin Cappart, Charles Pecheur (Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium)
                 & Stefano Tonetta (Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Italy)

                 Verification of railway interlocking Compositional approach with OCRA

14.55        Coffee break

                 Session: Systems 3. Chair: Michael Leuschel           

15.30        Paulius Stankaitis & Alexei Iliasov (CSR, Newcastle University, UK)

                 Safety Verification of Heterogeneous Railway Networks

16.10        Anne Elisabeth Haxthausen (Technical University of Denmark), Hoang Nga Nguyen (Centre for
                 Mobility and Transport, UK) & Markus Roggenbach (Swansea University, UK)

                 Comparing formal verification approaches of interlocking systems

16.50        Luke Martin (CSR, Newcastle University, UK)

                 Predictive Reasoning and Machine Learning for the Enhancement of Reliability in Railway Systems

17.30        Close of day 2

19.30        Conference Dinner Le Train Bleu


Thursday 30th June

9.00           Coffee

                  Session Chair: Ralf Pinger

09.30         Keynote 3: Jan Peleska (University of Bremen & Verified Systems, Germany)

                  A novel approach to HW/SW integration testing of route-based interlocking system controllers

                  Session: V&V 1. Chair: Alessandro Fantechi

10.30         Daniel Kästner & Christian Ferdinand (AbsInt GmbH, Germany)

                  Applying Abstract Interpretation to Verify EN-50128 Software Safety Requirements

11.10         Coffee Break

11.40         Nazim Benaissa, David Bonvoisin, Abderrahmane Feliachi &
                  Julien Ordioni (RATP, France) 

                  The PERF Approach for Formal Verification

12.20         Lunch

                  Session: V&V 2. Chair: Kenji Taguchi

13.20         Claire Dross & Yannick Moy (AdaCore, France)

                  Abstract Software Specifications and Automatic Proof of Refinement

14.00         Nicolas Breton & Yoann Fonteneau (Systerel, France)

                  S3: Proving the Safety of Critical Systems

14.40         Sylvain Conchon (Université Paris-Sud, France) & Mohammed Iguernlala (OCamlPro SAS, France)

                  Increasing Proofs Automation Rate of Atelier-B Thanks to Alt-Ergo

15.20         Wrap-up and closing remarks

15.30         Close of Conference