Conference Programme

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This is the full programme, with abstracts et cetera. Zoom locations can be found on the Zoom Rooms tab, and a summary of the programme is below.


Times ID Room Session/Activity


0900-0930   KH Registration



1a   G.17

Bach and Handel: Learning from Machines (Chair: Robert Rawson)

Christopher Holman, 'Bach Performance Practice in the Late French Romantic Organ School: A Study of Two Organ Roll Recordings' 

Emily Baines, 'The Ghost in the Machine: How the performance style found in mechanical musical instruments challenges modern historical performance (and listening) norms'

0930-1030 1b G.15

Nineteenth-Century Foundations, I (Chair: Ian Biddle)

Leanne Langley, 'Ideas of Music Research in Britain, 1813-74: Roots of the (Royal) Musical Association'

Jonathan Hicks, 'The Royal Musical Complex'

0930-1030 1c G.11 Gender and Sexuality (Chair: Freya Jarman)

James Barker, 'Life in "Picket Fences": Queering 1990s Country'

Oren Vinogradov, 'The Way You Look Tonight: Fred Astaire Misremembered and the Crisis of Masculinity'

0930-1030 1d G.08 Fictions  (Chair: Nuria Bonet)

Lauren Redhead, 'Music in the Discworld'

Peter Falconer' The Use of Parafiction as a Framing Device in the Presentation and Experience of Musical Compositions'

0930-1030 1e 1.06 Practice-based workshop Jason Huxtable and Sanba Zao, 'Decolonisation of Percussion Curriculum: a Case Study'
1030-1100   KH Refreshments  
1100-1230 2a G.17

Themed Session: Music and the Creative Economy (Chair: Matthew Ord)

Adam Behr, 'National Anthems – Protecting and Challenging the Musical Economy in National Policy'

Simon McKerrell, 'Music and the Creative Economy in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland'

Jane Nolan, 'Meaningful Participation and Engagement with the Creative Economy through Pedagogy and Practice'

Matthew Ord, 'Selling the Experience of Music in Glasgow, "Music City"'

1100-1230 2b G.15

Themed Session: Shakespeare and Music  (Chair: David Fanning)

William Lyons, 'Strike Up, Pipers! Instruments and Hierarchies in Early Modern Theatre'

William Germano, 'Cassio's lips, or the mechanics of nightmare in Othello and Otello'  

Helen Wilcox, '"Take, O Take …": Madeleine Dring’s Settings of Shakespeare’

Michelle Assay, '"I am Hamlet": Hamlet as the Artist's Alter-ego in late-Soviet songs'

1100-1230 2c RR Lecture Recitals, I (Chair: Larry Zazzo)

Samantha Ege, 'Listening for Bea: (Re)Sounding Florence B. Price’s Complete Fantasie Nègre Compositions for Solo Piano'

Kate Ledger, 'Do I Need a Piano to be a Pianist? How Collaboration has located Pianistic Material'

1100-1230 2d G.11 Jazz Identities  (Chair: Paul Attinello)

Daniel Marx, '“Something you do over there”: Jewish Musicians and the Mediation of Identity in Contemporary British Jazz'

Ron Levi and Ofer Gazit, 'Sexual Hearing: African Jazz and Black Masculinity in the Civil Rights Era'

1100-1230 2e G.08 Themed Session: Music and Spirituality in John Tavener (Chair: Brian Inglis)                      

Rev. Dr June Boyce-Tillman, '"Heart’s Ease" - Music as Wellbeing through the Lens of John Tavener'

Brian Inglis, '"Dumped modernism"? The Interplay of Musical Construction and Spiritual Affect in John Tavener and his To a Child Dancing in the Wind'

Stephen Roberts, 'John Tavener’s Musical Theology of Religions'

1230-1430     Lunch break Posters, etc.
1230-1430   G.09 COUNCIL MEETING  
1230-1430   1.06 RMA LGBTQ+ Music Study Group 

Online meeting, all welcome: contact Rachel Cowgill with items of discussion. Zoom link for attendees (passcode 805025):

1430-1600 3a G.17 The Long Seventeenth Century: Florence, Paris, London (Chair: Rebecca Herissone)

Antonella D'Ovidio, 'Music, Space and Visual Culture in the Patrician Palaces of Seventeenth-Century Florence'

Dawn Grapes, 'John Dowland’s Paris: A Contextualized Reconstruction'

Robert Rawson, '"Where Musick and More powerful Beauties Reign": the Finger-Draghi Concerts at York Buildings (c. 1689–97) and Their Impact on Theatre Music'

1430-1600 3b G.15 Issues in Contemporary Vernacular Music (Chair: Will Edmondes)

Alex de Lacey, 'Level Up! A framework for Multidirectional Improvisation in UK Grime Music'

Andrew Green, 'Acoustemology In Practice: Hip-Hop, Environmental Advocacy and Auditory Knowledge in Batalla Por Tu Bosque, Mexico City'

1430-1600 3c G.11 Voice, Language, Movement (Chair: Larry Zazzo)

Jane Forner, 'Mapping Multilingualism in Contemporary Opera'

L. C. Acevedo, 'A Textural Framework for Choreomusical Analysis'

1430-1600 3d G.08 Themed Session: Queer that Voice! (Chair: Paul Attinello)

Rachel Cowgill, 'Ariadne en Travesti: Gender, Liminality, and Sensibility in Pacchierotti’s London Performances of Haydn’s Arianna a Nasso for Mezzo Soprano and Fortepiano Hob.XXVIb:2'

Robert Crowe, 'About that castrato in Parsifal: Leo d’Ageni, a "male contralto" in the time of Wagner and Liszt'

William Southerland, 'Orange Juice, Milk, and the History of the LGBTQ Choral Movement in the United States'

Nick Bonadies and Imogen Flower, 'Sex Worker’s Opera, Don Jo!, and Queering Opera-making' 

1430-1600 3e 1.06 Making the Popular (Chair: Richard Elliott Simon Strange, 'Blank Canvas: art school education and the non musician'

Núria Bonet, 'Pub Jukeboxes: Music, Democracy and the Hyperlocal'

1600-1630   KH Refreshments  
1630-1730   2.98 Peter Le Huray Keynote Lecture (Chair: David Clarke) Prof. Kofi Agawu
1730-1900   2.98

Reception (sponsored by Boydell & Brewer), including the RMA Sundowner Quiz, 1800-1900, hosted by Nuria Bonet, Daniel Elphick and Genevieve Arkle

1900-2000   KH Concert: Folk Futures Nancy Kerr, Catriona Macdonald, Kathryn Tickell and Friends



Time ID Room Session/Activity


0900-0930   KH Registration



4a  G.17

Twentieth-Century Britain at War (Chair: Jonathan Hicks)

Matthew McCullough, 'Requiem for a Dream: Universality, Sonic Death Ritual, and Associative Symbolism in Sir Arthur Bliss’s Morning Heroes'

Jon Churchill, '“The Symphony of the Front”: Structural Rupture in Ralph Vaughan Williams’s Pastoral Symphony'

0930-1030 4b G.15 Nineteenth-Century Foundations, II: Epistemologies (Chair: Natasha Loges)

Alexander Wilfing, 'Contextualizing Musicology: The Eclectic Origins of Guido Adler’s Concept of Musical Research'

Jane Hines, 'Phantasy Pathologized: Musical Imagination and the Beginnings of Musicology'

0930-1030 4c G.11 Eighteenth-Century Performers (Chair: Rachel Cowgill)

Damiín Martín-Gil, 'Giacomo or Giuseppe Bernardo: Which Brother should Be Acknowledged as the Famous Guitarist "Merchi" in the Entry of Grove Music Online?

Eric Boaro, 'Vocal Improvisation in Eighteenth-Century Naples: Evidence of Solfeggio Patterns in Thoroughly Composed Cadenzas in Sacred Pieces by Gennaro Manna'

0930-1030 4d G.08 Responding to Covid (Chair: Adam Behr)

Martina Kalser-Gruber, 'Crisis Communication in the Field of Classical Music Festivals in the Age of COVID-19: The Role of Artistic Directors'

Steve Gisby, 'Music and/as Process Study Group: Networked Collaborative Processes in Experimental Composition and Performance'

0930-1030 4e 1.06 Identities Made and Mediated (Chair: Michelle Assay)

Phillip Cartwright, 'Investigating Traditional Punjabi Wedding Songs: Suhag in the Urban Context'

WITHDRAWN [Tal Soker, 'The Citizen-Pianist: Igor Levit and the Quest for Participatory Democracy'}

1030-1100   KH Refreshments  
1100-1230 5a G.17

Themed Session: Musical Universalism and Locality in the Age of Empire (Chair: Yvonne Liao)

Richard Williams, 'Querying “Global” Music History: Goswami Pannalal, Rajasthan, and Queen Victoria'

Jacob Olley, 'An Ottoman Response to Orientalism: Pan-Islam and the Science of Music'

Hyun Kyong Hannah Chang, 'A Modern Paradox: Inventing Korean Protestant Hymns, 1892–1923'      

1100-1230 5b G.15 Liturgy (Chair: Andrew Kirkman)

Kristin Hoefener, 'How to imagine the sonic performance of Hildegard of Bingen’s audiovisions: liturgical or not?'

Nicholas W. Bleisch & Henry Drummond, ' Practices of Devotion at Tongerlo Abbey: Offices in the Antifonarium Tsgrooten'

Stefan Gasch, 'Rulers and Saints, Reformers and Humanists: Aspects of Chronology in Motets by Ludwig Senfl'

1100-1230 5c G.11 International Folk Traditions (Chair: Simon McKerrell)

Mollie Carlyle, '"Spinning Yarns": Examining Problems of Sea Shanty Authenticity in the Present Day'

Daniel Jordan, 'Sorority and Hispanidad Across the Atlantic: Women as Musical Diplomats in the Batista, Trujillo, and Franco regimes (1952-59)'

Nassos Polyzoidis, 'Reharmonising Rebetiko Modes in a Contemporary Context'

1100-1230 5d G.08 Form and Analysis (Chair: Esther Cavett)

Joshua Ballance, 'The Viennese Trichord in the Music of Anton Webern: A Computational Study'

Gabriel Jones, '"Irrational Nuances": Interpreting Stockhausen’s Klavierstück I'

Thomas Heywood, 'Philosophies of Form-Functionality: Organicism and Mechanism'

1100-1230 5e 1.06 Creative Processes (Chair: Toby Young)

Robert Laidlow, 'Artificial Intelligence as a Creative Agent in the Compositional Process'

Alastair White, 'Contingency Dialectics in Fashion-Opera'

1100-1230 5x RR Composition Workshop with Trio Northumbria and Alison Gill

Angela SlaterSpinning Colours: Faded Time for Piano Quartet

Alistair ZalduaString Trio Fragments

Dominic WillsIndris

1230-1430     Lunch break


1230-1430   1.06 RMA STUDENT COMMITTEE  

6a    G.11

Leipzig and London; Bach, Shield, Beethoven (Chair: David Smith)                                                        

Mark Seow, 'Liquid Listening in Early Eighteenth-Century Leipzig'

Amélie Addison, 'Reading Between the Staves: Identity and Representation in the Works of William Shield'

Christopher Parton, 'Beethoven’s "Englished" Lieder and the Borders of Song'

1430-1600 6b  G.15 Authenticities (Chair: Lisa Colton)

Alexis Bennett, 'Role-play and Signalling: Naming Conventions in Historical Performance Ensembles Since 1950'

James Félix, 'Transferrable Authenticity: New Perspectives on the "inauthentic" in Folk Music'

Ingrid Bols, 'Screen Music in British and French Concert Halls: High Culture, Mass Entertainment and Orchestral Canons'

1430-1600 6c  G.17

Pianos, repertories and contexts (Chair: Lauren Redhead)

Bozhidar Chapkanov, 'The Double Harmonic Syntax in Liszt’s Late Piano Music: A Bilateral Analytical Inquiry'

Joyce Tang, 'Pianos (1870-1910) in the National Trust'

Esther Cavett, '"The mind is not limited by the skin": The Piano Technician’s Experience of Working on Pianos of  Great Performers'

1430-1600 6d  G.08

Russian Music in the Twentieth Century (Chair: Pauline Fairclough)

Adam Behan, ‘Integrating Life and Work: Contemporary Music in Maria Yudina’s Imagination and Artistic Practice’

Ivan Hewett, 'The 1920 All-Stravinsky Concert at the Wigmore Hall: the Critical Response'

Daniel Elphick, 'Shostakovich, Prokofiev, and Mikhalkov’s Ilya Golovin'

1430-1600 6e  1.06 Round Table: Musicology and the Black Atlantic Archive

Ellie Armon Azoulay (Newcastle University), Lawrence Davies (Leverhulme ECR Fellow, Newcastle University), Kira Dralle (University of California Santa Cruz), Steven Lewis (National Museum of African American Music), Maria Ryan (Florida State University) 

1430-1600 6x  KH Composition workshop: organ and electronics

Edwin HillierHyphae, with Andrew Forbes (organ)

1600-1630   KH Refreshments  
1630-1800   2.98

Annual General Meeting followed by Edward Dent Keynote Lecture (Chair: Barbara Kelly, President, RMA)

Prof. Eric Drott

1800-1900   2.98 Reception (sponsored by Cambridge University Press)  
1900-2000   KH Concert

A full performance of compositions heard in today's workshops



Time ID Room Session/Activity


0900-0930   KH Registration



7a   1.06 Discussion Forum: Music in International Contexts


0930-1030 7b G.17 Hong Kong Since 1997 (Chair: Matthew Ord)

Magdelena Ho-yan Tang, 'Sung into Being: An Ethnography of the Anthem Law Controversy in Hong Kong'

Andrew Yu, 'Colonial legacy and inheritance: Can Scottish bagpipes culture in survive in post-colonial Hong Kong?'

0930-1030 7c G.15 Landscape and Nature (Chair: Bennett Hogg)

Jonathan Packham, 'Scoring the Journey: Listening to Space in Claudia Molitor’s Sonorama'

Oli Jan, 'Pastiche, But of Animals: Exploring Effects of Acoustically Reproduced Animal Sounds in EMT'

0930-1030 7d   Session cancelled



0930-1030 7e G.08 Circa 1900 (Chair: Christopher Tarrant)

Tim Coombes, 'The Children’s Chorus in Late Nineteenth-Century French Opera'

Hélène Crowley, 'Nothing to Lose: Modernism in Hanns Eisler's Mass Choruses'

Annika Forkert, 'Rebecca Clarke’s Bricolage'

1030-1100    KH Refreshments  
1100-1230 8a G.17

Themed Session: Music and Wellbeing in Institutional Contexts (Chair: Kirsten Gibson)

Michael Gale, 'Musical Provision at the Hospital of St Cross, Winchester, during the Sixteenth Century'

Naomi J. Barker, '"To lighten the cares resulting from the misery of human misfortune": Music, Medicine and Religion at the Ospedale di Santo Spirito in Sassia'

Rosemary Golding, 'Music for the Urban, Middle-Class Insane: Bethlem Hospital in the Nineteenth Century'

Helen Barlow, 'Music Therapy and the Military, c. 1850-c. 1918'

1100-1230 8b G.15 Meeting Places (Chair: Julian Horton)

Monika Hennemann, 'Sarastro in Shanghai and Papageno in Phnom Penh: Die Zauberflöte and the Concept of Adaptive Intercultural Theatre'

David Irving, 'Global Soundscapes from the First Voyage of Circumnavigation, 1519-1522'

Ekaterina Pavlova, '"Adults and Children had Tears in their Eyes...": the Reception and Political Significance of the Pyatnitsky Russian Folk Choir's Tours of the GDR'

1100-1230 8c G.11 Cognition (Chair: David Clarke)

Kate Guthrie, 'The Child and the Musical Masterpiece'

Tom Metcalf, 'Aesthetic Synthesis in "Transmedial" Music: Approaches, Limitations, Frameworks'

Michael Boyle, '"Integrated Tool Competency" in the Compositional Process: a 4E perspective on the cognitive role of absent compositional tools'

1100-1230 8d G.08 Themed Session: Meet and Greet: Women’s Networking Strategies in Twentieth-Century Ireland and England (Chair: Matthew Head)

Hannah Millington, 'Dame Ethel Smyth: Networking, Notoriety and the English Music Machine'

Leah Broad, 'Navigating Gendered Spaces and Places: Rebecca Clarke as Performer and Composer'

Orla Shannon, 'Ina Boyle: Rejection and Resilience'

Laura Watson, 'Gender Politics, the Piano, and Radio in Twentieth-Century Ireland'

1100-1230 8e  G.09 Round Table: Futures of Early Music Editing

Lisa Colton (Huddersfield University), James Cook (University of Edinburgh) Andrew Kirkman (University of Birmingham)  

1100-1230 8f 1.06 Themed Session: Opera Buffa in Dialogue, 1865-1885 (Chair: Clair Rowden)

Alessandra Palidda, 'Teatro musicale giocoso: Edoardo Sonzogno and comic opera in late nineteenth-century Italy'

Elena Oliva, 'A Matter of Realism and Politics: French Operetta in Milan in the 1870s'

Laura Moeckli, 'The Reception of Golden Age Viennese Operetta in Post-Unification Italy'

Guillaume Castella, '"Non voglio musica dell’avvenir!": Il Duca di Tapigliano and the anti-Germanic reforms of opera buffa'

1230-1430     Lunch break

Posters, meetings etc.

1230-1430   1.06 RMA PRACTICE RESEARCH STUDY GROUP: Inclusive practice: responding the Bulley/Sahin report Convened by Scott McLaughlin

9a    G.17 Round Table: Digital Directions for Collected Editions' 

David Smith (Northumbria University), Rebecca Herissone (University of Manchester), Frauke Jürgensen (Aberdeen University), Nicholas Williams (Stainer & Bell) 

1430-1600 9b  G.15 Themed Session: On 'Music Colonialism', or New Critical Studies of Western Art Musics (Chair: Erin Johnson-Williams)                     

Roe-Min Kok, 'The Model Minority Music Student: Interrogating a Neocolonial Stereotype'

Yvonne Liao, '"Limits of Encounter": Narrating Diversity and Musical Life in Treaty Port History'

Maria Ryan, 'Discipline and Dignity: Considering Race and Military Music in the British Colonial Caribbean' 

1430-1600 9c  RR Lecture Recitals, II (Chair: Larry Zazzo)

Adriana Festeu, 'Idiosyncrasies of Voice Classification - the Mezzo-Soprano as "soprano in waiting"'

Katalin Koltai, ’"Ligeti Guitar": An Unexplored World of the Guitar Idiom'

1430-1600 9d G.08 Themed Session: Asia in Resonance: Sounding the Future of Western Art Music in Southeast Asia: 5 Practice-Based Case Studies (Moderators: Monika Hennemann, Anothai Nitibhon and Ruth Rodrigues)

Churen Li, 'Locating the Southeast Asian Performer’s Voice in WAM Performance'

Feliz Anne Reyes Macahis, 'Epic Singing in the context of Contemporary Music from an Academic and Artistic Perspective'

Yanini Pongpakatien and Chamamas Keawbuadee, 'Writing our Future in the Changing Musical Landscapes of Southeast Asia'

Junyan Chow, 'Maintaining Momentum in Malaysia - A Reflection and Study of the Contemporary Music Scene'

Poumpak Charuprakorn, 'Performer-composer collaboration: Sustainable Development of the Contemporary Music Scene of Thailand?' 

1430-1600 9e  1.06 Practice-Based Workshop: Discourse and Methods of Practice Research

Scott McLaughlin (Leeds University),  Mira Benjamin (Goldsmiths, University of London), Ingrid Pearson (Royal College of Music), Tenley Martin (Leeds Beckett University), Leah Kardos (Kingston University)                               

1600-1630    KH Refreshments, close