Download the 'Omics 2018 Programme Times


  • Facility-Bytes (brief opening talks from the Facility Managers)

  • Proteomics to study innate immunity in macrophages
    Matthias Trost, Professor of Proteomics, Newcastle University

  • Relieving the bottleneck in lysosomal storage diseases
    Viktor Korolchuk, Reader in Molecular Cell Biology, Newcastle University

  • LifeArc Library Sharing
    Barbara Saxty
    , Senior Principal Scientist, LifeArc 

  • Opportunites and Challenges for high throughput sequencing for cancer diagnostics
    Michael Hubank, Head of Clinical Genomics (Research), Royal Marsden Hospital, and Reader in Translational Genomics, ICR

  • Technobytes (short talks from some of our sponsors)

  • A high-throughput RNA sequencing approach to elucidate pathways of steatohepatitis
    Olivier Govaere, Research Associate, Institute of Cellular Medicine
  • Investigating the feasibility of single cell transcriptomics to determine the composition and maturity of hPSC-derived retinal organoids
    Joseph Collin, Senior Research Associate, Institute of Genetic Medicine