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  • Hervé LucheR&D Manager, Centre d’Immunophénomique (CIPHE)

Keynote presentation: Massive changes in Phenomics: Functional phenotyping made in CyTOF

  • Eugene KatrukhaSenior Scientist, Cell Biology Department, Universiteit Utrecht

Keynote presentation: Single molecule microscopy for the study of intracellular transport and cytoskeletal dynamics

  • Martin PicardAssistant Professor of Behavioral Medicine, Columbia University

Quantitative Electron Microscopy Approaches to Investigate Mitochondrial Behavior in Skeletal Muscle

  • Michael Kelly, Preclinical Imaging Facility Manager, Leicester University

The use of state-of-the-art preclinical imaging modalities to enhance in-vivo preclinical research at the University of Leicester

Validation of a novel near infrared fluorescence based imaging method to achieve dual cell tracking

  • Michael CarrollSenior Lecturer, School of Chemistry, Newcastle University

PET Radiochemistry for Medical Research


Poster Presentation Session

There will be a Poster Presentation Session during the afternoon break, with prizes awarded at the end of the conference. 


Technobytes and Facility-Bytes

In addition to the main programme of talks, there will also be short presentations from some of our Sponsors, as well as each of the Facilities involved in the conference.