Key Information

The RSC Photochemistry Meeting 2015 will be held on

Friday 19th June

Lecture Theatre 1.46, First Floor, Bedson Building, School of Chemistry, Newcastle University

The programme will begin at 9:30 am and conclude at 5:00 pm


Thanks to all early career researchers for their talk and poster applications, the programme is now finalised. We look forward to seeing you soon!



Confirmed key-speakers include:

Professor Antoni Llobet, ICIQ, Barcelona, Spain

Dr Alex Jones, The University of Manchester, UK

Dr Anna Reynal, Newcastle University, UK

Dr Fabio Cucinotta, Newcastle University, UK




RSC Photochemistry Meeting 2015



From 9:30         Registration / Coffee in Room 1.48

Welcome          Prof. J. A. Gareth Williams

Session 1         Chair: Dr Libby Gibson

10:00–10:40      Professor Antoni Llobet (ICIQ, Barcelona, Spain)

                          Molecular catalysts involved in water splitting with sunlight

10:40–10:55      Judith Houston (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)

                          Conjugated polyelectrolyte markers for model cell membranes

10:55–11:10      Aurimas Vysniauskas (Imperial College London, UK)

                          Porphyrin dimer - Fluorescence dual-mode viscosity and temperature sensor

11:10-11:25       Giovanni Bassolino (University of Oxford, UK)

                          Environment-independent ultrafast isomerization of 11-cis retinal protonated Schiff base

11:25–11:40      Dr Anna Reynal (Newcastle University, UK)

                          Hybrid systems for solar fuels: unravelling the factors that control their efficiency

11:40-12:00       flash presentations:

                          Diego Rota Martir (St. Andrews, UK), Hannah Niland (Edinburgh, UK), Dr Paul Elliott

                          (Huddersfield, UK), Dr Robert Pal (Durham, UK)

12:00–1:30        Lunch and Poster Session

Session 2         Chair: Dr Rachel Evans

1:30–2:00          Dr Alex Jones (The University of Manchester, UK)

                          The photochemistry and photobiology of coenzime B12

2:00–2:15          Shani Osborne (University of Birmingham, UK)

                          Luminescent ruthenium probes for coating nanoparticles: effect of probe design on luminescent                             properties

2:15–2:30          Dr Barbara Procacci (University of York, UK)

                          Laser pump-NMR probe: a new fast reaction method for hyperpolarized metal hydrides

2:30-2:45           Preetam Sharma (Ulster University, UK)

                          Photoelectrochemical characterization of photoanodes prepared with commercial titanium dioxide                          nanoparticles

2:45-3:05           flash presentations:

                          Dr Jeremy Hamilton (Newtownabbey, UK), Dr Katharina Röttger (Bristol, UK & Kiel, Germany),

                          Dr Christopher Windle (York, UK), Dr Roger Kutta (Manchester, UK)

3:05–3:35          Coffee Break and Poster Session

Session 3         Chair: Dr Eimer Tuite

3:35–3:50          Dr Fabio Cucinotta (Newcastle University, UK)

                          Photoactive host-guest systems based on porous frameworks

3:50–4:05          Michael Y. Wong (University of St. Andrews, UK)

                          An unprecedented application of thermally activated delayed fluorescence in light-emitting                                       electrochemical cell

4:05–4:20          Dr Valery Kozhevnikov (Northumbria University, UK)

                          Polymetallic triplet emitters

4:20–4:25          Closure and Poster Prize

4:25–                 RSC Photochemistry Group AGM

5:00                   pub!