Next steps in Academia for Ph.D. and Postdocs

Welcome to Next steps in academia for Ph.D. students and Postdocs in Mathematics, Statistics and Physics

Monday, 24th September 2018

This  workshop  will  bring  together  postgraduates  and  postdoctoral  researchers  from  Durham  and  Newcastle  Universities.  It  is  aimed  at  PhD  students  applying  for  postdoctoral  placements  as  well  as  research  associates  applying  for  their  first  lecturer  position.  The  sessions  will  be  a  mixture  of  interactive,  plenary  sessions  and  optional  drop-ins  that  will  help  participants  pursue  their  next  steps  in  academia.  We  will  discuss  challenges  frequently  found  during  our  careers,  including:   

  • Required  skills  and  competences. 
  • CV  writing. 
  • Fellowship  opportunities  and  grant-proposal  writing. 
  • Mental  health,  equality  and  diversity,  alternative  paths.

This  event  is  a  result  of  the  collaboration  of  the  Department  of  Mathematical  Sciences,  Durham  University  and  the  School  of  Mathematics,  Statistics  and  Physics,  Newcastle  University.



This workshop will bring together postgraduates and post

doctoral researches from Durham and

Newcastle Universities. It is aimed at PhD students applying for po

stdoctoral placements as well

as research associates applying for their first lecturer posit

ion. The sessions will be a mixture of

interactive, plenary sessions and optional drop-ins that wi

ll help participants pursue their next

steps in academia. We will discuss challenges frequently found

during our careers, including:

Required skills and competences.

CV writing.

Fellowship opportunities and grant-proposal writing.

This event is a result of the collaboration of the Department of

Mathematical Sciences, Durham

University and the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics

, Newcastle University.