Welcome to MACRO:

Multicomponent Atomic Condensates and Rotational Dynamics

We welcome applications to attend a four-day joint multicomponent atomic condensates and rotational dynamics (MACRO) conference and JQC symposium hosted in the business & technology heart of the north-east of England; Newcastle upon Tyne. The conference will focus on primarily recent experimental & theoretical developments in multicomponent, spinor and rotating ultra-cold atomic gases, while also exploring broader themes. Focus topics will include ring-trapped BECs and associated topological phases; dynamics of multicomponent, spinor and polariton condensates; and the applications of these topics to emergent applications including precision measurement and atomtronics.

The event will include the annual JQC colloquium, this year to be given by Jean Dalibard, alongside other distinguished keynote and invited speakers. There are also numerous slots allocated for contributed talks, and a poster session.


The JQC MACRO conference will formally run from the morning of Wednesday the 14th to the afternoon of Friday the 16th of September (with a reception held on Tuesday evening), with lab-tours taking place in the Durham University physics department on the afternoon of Friday the 16th.  This includes the annual JQC colloquium (Thu 15th) and a conference dinner at the picturesque BALTIC River Terrace. Registration and abstract submission will open in the coming weeks.


The Joint Quantum Centre Symposium 2016 (open to all MACRO attendees without additional fees) will be held in Newcastle University on the afternoon of Tuesday 13th September 2016. It showcases cutting-edge research in Atomic and Molecular Physics taking place at the JQC and beyond. This is the fourth annual symposium after the JQC Launch event (2013), the Quantum Technologies Symposium (2014), and JQC Symposium (2015).

This year's Symposium comes hot on the heels of one of the UK's greatest athletics events: The Greath North Run (Sunday 11th). Enthusiasts should book now, as the event is very popular!

JQC Colloquium

The JQC Colloquium is an annual high-profile event alternating between Durham and Newcastle. This year's Colloquium will be hosted on Thursday 15th of September by Prof. Jean Dalibard (College de France). Previous Colloquia have been hosted by Sandy Fetter (Stanford, 2013), Bill Phillips (NIST, 2014), and Jabez McClelland (NIST, 2015)