Art Exhibition



To conclude I Exist Too 2023, curators María Herrera and Maximiliano Egroj alongside artist D.M. Sallas produced the I Exist Too “INVISIBLES” art exhibition.

'Invisibles' aims to capture and express through the work of these Panamanian artists the hidden and often lost experiences of the LGBTQ+ population within the Maritime Industry. In turn, providing a unique approach to revealing an invisible side of the sector.



María Herrera

María Herrera (Gabysh) is from Veraguas, Panama and Architect graduated from the University of Panama, but with a passion for the arts, the research and teaching. She has participated in several collectives exhibitions like: PROVERBO, in the Museo de arte Contemporáneo de Panamá (2021) and Café un Aroma para el alma, in the Manuel Amador Guerrero Gallery (2023). She was the second place in the Roberto Lewis Contest, in the Digital Art category with the Artwork: La aparición (2022). She is part of the I Exist too team as graphic image developer as well as curator of the exhibition Invisibles with Maximiliano Egroj.

D.M. Sallas

D.M. Sallas emerges in the year 2015/ 2016 formally. Encompassing figurative realism and using different pictorial tools for her works. Seeking to capture and narrate through a pictorial discourse, a message with vast content of sensation and perception of situations, emotions or historical narratives of the african diaspora. For the individual to make a stop analysis and introspection of the pro- visualization and can be part of the result.

Core Artwork


Photos from the Exhibition