Workshop and Tutorial descriptions

This page contains information about the workshops and tutorials that are running as part of the ICBO conference.


Vaccine and Drug Ontology Studies (VDOS)

Cells in ExperimentaL Life Science (CELLS)

2nd Workshop on Representing Social and Legal Entities in the Biomedical Domain

Oncology Ontology Workshop/ONCONTO 2017

OBO Tutorial


  • Organisers: Randi Vita, Nicole Vasilevsky, James A Overton, Matthew Horridge, Marcus Chibucos, Yvonne Bradford, Bjoern Peters, James A. Overton, Chris Mungall, Phillip Lord, Jennifer Warrender, Aisha Blfgeh and Mohammad Halawani
  • Full-day workshop
  • Website:

Ontologies at large - practical introduction to the EMBL-EBI ontology tools and services for data annotation.

  • Organisers: Simon Jupp, Olga Vrousgou, Thomas Liener, Anthony Burdett, Sirarat Sarntivijai and Helen Parkinson
  • Half-day workshop
  • Website: