International Conference on Biomedical Ontology 17

Call for workshops and tutorials

The 8th International Conference on Biomedical Ontologies (ICBO) aims to bring together representatives of all major communities involved in the development and application of ontologies in the field of healthcare and life sciences ontologiesTogether, they address issues pertaining to coordinated development of ontological resources, as well as their optimal use in applications.  


Workshops and tutorials are invited on a broad range of topics covering ontology development and use in the healthcare and life sciences areas. These include, but are not limited to, ontology engineering and reuse, programmatic ontology engineering and applicationontologies promoting data integration, fluidity and reuse, data visualisation, pathway analysis, and knowledge discovery.  


Workshops and tutorials  

TUTORIALS are educational events. They should focus on one specific topic presented by one or two experts and involve interaction with the audience. Tutorials can include hands-on training, in which case the proposal should specify the anticipated requirements (laptops, software to install and so on).    


WORKSHOPS provide a forum for the discussion of a specific topic through individual paper presentations; in particular, they should have a specific tangible outcome planned in advance. The organisers will be responsible for reviewing and selecting the contributions. Workshops can also include interest group meetings, or meetings designed to disseminate the results of a research project on a specific topic.  



The workshop/tutorial may be either a full day or half day, however half day events are preferred.  


What to submit (3-4 A4 pages in Arial 11 pt)  

Each submission should include the title of the event as well as the name, affiliation, emails and previous event experience of the proposers. It should include also a description of the proposed event, including an explanation of how the tutorial/workshop will contribute to the field of healthcare and life sciences ontologies.    


In addition, proposers should describe how they will advertise the event in order to receive a sufficient number of submissions and participants and explain the rationale for addressing their specific topic in the workshop/tutorial rather than in the main conference. One important argument would be to attract more people to ICBO. If the event has been organised in previous editions of ICBO, please indicate some statistics regarding previous attendance for better planning.  

Workshop and tutorial proposals should be submitted to the EasyChair website:



For more information, please contact, and include "[icbo2017] workshops and tutorials" in the subject line.  


Important dates:  

Mar 29, 2017: Workshops and tutorials proposals submission deadline  
Apr 19, 2017: Notification of acceptance of workshops and tutorials  
Sep 13, 2017: ICBO workshops and tutorials  
Sep 14-15, 2017: ICBO main conference  

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