The Conference

In the year of the 100th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution, in the year of the 80th Anniversary of his death, the School of History, Classics and Archaeology of the Newcastle University organises a two days conference about the intellectual heritage of Antonio Gramsci's work, one of the most prominent reflections on Politics and Marxism ever attempted. Gramsci's Quaderni and Lettere represent a complex and theoretically nuanced corpus of notes and sketches, pieces and bites of a multifaceted elaboration which offers to the modern scholar an uncountable insight into the world and the thought of the beginning of 20th century. 

The event aims to investigate the potential usefulness of his theoretical approaches on the study of the Ancient World, and his relation to the Classics. The conference gathers scholars from many different disciplines in the field of Antiquities, hoping to create a fruitful environment to discuss the potential contributions of Gramsci's thought to future researches in the area. The papers will be mostly addressing the problems of Hegemony and Caesarism in a wide range of subjects regarding Ancient Greek and Roman culture, economy, literature and politics. These two main aspects will be explored in five panels of two papers of 30 minutes each, followed by a 30 minutes discussion, and an opening lecture. The conclusions will focus on potential future developments and will be introduced by a round table of four young researchers/PhD students.