Programme & Speakers

Here is the final programme of the conference, also available for download below:

Session 1: Fundamentals of the extracellular electron transfer processes
Session 2: Bioelectrochemical reactor design and materials
Session 3: Current and emerging application of Microbial Electrochemical Technology (MET)
Session 4: Microbial electrochemical synthesis
Session 5: Microbial interactions in bioelectrochemical systems (BES)
Session 6: Microbial Electrochemical Technology (MET) based sensor technology
Session 7: Water treatment, bioremediation and resource recovery from waste
Session 8: Commercialisation, scale-up of MET (including LCA)
Session 9: General session


The presentations/proceedings will have the chance to be published in a special or topical issue of the journal Fuel Cells for the 4th EU-ISMET, subject to usual peer-review process. 



Conference Schedule PDF 407Kb

Please download the printable versions of the schedule and the full programmes of the workshop and conference. 

Meeting Programme PDF 329Kb

Full programme of the workshop and conference.