Newcastle is in the North East of England and is well served by road, rail and air links. Please see Newcastle University's travel page for more information.

Newcastle is a small city and many locations are within walking distance of each other, although it is quite hilly. Transport links within the city are good.

Getting to Seven Stories

Day one of the conference is at Seven Stories, in the Ouseburn Valley. Directions to Seven Stories are available on the Seven Stories website.

The easiest way to get to Seven Stories is on the Q2 bus (see below). The nearest Metro station is Manors. You can also walk from the Quayside in about 15 minutes.

Please note that Seven Stories is in a former industrial area which has now been redeveloped - if you find yourself among a few industrial relics don't be disconcerted - you are probably on the right track! (There is plenty of signage on the way.)


Getting to Newcastle University

Day two of the conference will be held in the Armstrong Building, Newcastle University. The closest Metro and bus station to the university is Haymarket, less than 5 minutes away. Central Station is about 20 minutes walk away.

Maps of the campus are available on the university website: the Armstrong Building is number 22. It is at the top of the University Quad: if you are coming from Haymarket station, follow signs for Northern Stage, then when you get there keep walking through the arches to go through the quad. The Armstrong Building is the last building on the left-hand side.  If you don’t mind steps, enter via the last door on the left (you will see a sign for the conference). Otherwise, carry on to the end of the quad and turn left through the archway, then left again to the front of the building, where you will find an accessible entrance (and another sign for the conference).


Bus system

The most useful buses for conference delegates are the Q1 and Q2. These are bright yellow buses which are easy to spot: a route map is available online. They are fully accessible (including visual displays indicating the next stop).

  • The Q1 runs from Central Station to the Quayside (and then on to Gateshead) - it's about 10-15 minutes walk from the Quayside stop to Seven Stories.
  • The Q2 runs from Haymarket (just opposite the University), through the centre of town, down to the Quayside and on to Seven Stories (it stops at Lime Street, on the end of the road). From there it carries on up the river and then loops round - it takes a slightly different route back, so for your return journey it's easiest to get on where you got off, and have a 5-minute tour of the river before retracing your steps!


Metro system

Newcastle has a good Metro system with easy connections between the airport, central rail station, and university (next to Haymarket station).