About the Conference

Welcome to Computational Neurology 2017 | February 20-21, 2017

About the conference

This conference will gather a group of interdisciplinary experts, who apply computational and neuroscientific approaches to clinical challenges.   

With technological advances, we are able to study the brain with higher resolution images, more complex computational models, and get bigger data, which allow previously unimaginable approaches and an opportunity for the discovery of the mechanisms that drive brain pathologies and conditions. However, translating these advances to the clinical arena still remains a challenge.  Hence, experts from a wide variety of backgrounds are needed, including neuroscience and neurophysiology, computational modelling, complex data analysis, Network science, multivariate time series analysis, and neuroimaging, amongst others. The conference will bring together such an interdisciplinary group of experts working on clinical research questions and provide an opportunity to form new interdisciplinary collaborations.

Over the two days of the conference, we will have keynote talks from internationally renowned scientists in addition to talks and posters from junior researchers.  


About Newcastle 

Newcastle is the largest city in the North-East of England and can trace its history back to Roman times. Remnants of Hadrian's Wall exist alongside a medieval cathedral, and impressive Victorian buildings.  The city lies at the heart of the ancient kingdom of Northumbria, renowned for its glorious unspoilt countryside and rich heritage. The region is at the northern limit of the Roman Empire and has been the location of many border battles with Scotland.

The University can trace its origins to 1834 when it operated as a medical school.  Ranked among the top 10 in the UK for neuroscience research (REF2014) and top in the UK for computing science impact, the University also occupies a position amongst the worlds elite top 1% (QS ranking 2015). 

We look forward to welcoming you in Newcastle.





Keywords: computational model, connectome, dynamics, network, neurology, epilepsy, dementia