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The 9th Chemical Nanoscience Symposium in Newcastle will be held on:

4th April 2019

Lecture Theatre 1.46, First Floor, Bedson Building, Chemistry, Newcastle University


From 9:30         Coffee & Pastries / Symposium Registration / Posters put on display

Session 1

Session Chair:   Professor Andrew Houlton

11:00–11:40    Dr Matteo Palma (Associate Professor), Queen Mary University of London, UK 

                       Title: Carbon and DNA Nanostructures: from Controlled Assembly to Functional Devices

11:40–12:10    Dr Christopher Serpell (Senior Lecturer in Chemistry), University of Kent, UK 

                       Title: Self-Assembling Polyphosphoesters: Beyond Nucleic Acids

12:10–12:50    Prof. Alexander Kotlyar, Tel Aviv University, Israel

                       Title: Synthesis of Long Multiply Modified Double Stranded DNA by Self-Association of Short Single Stranded DNA Sequences                              

12:50–1:45     Lunch and Poster Session 

Session 2

Session Chair:   Dr David Fulton

1:45–2:00       Dr Yoshi Arita (Research Fellow), University of St Andrews, UK  

                       Title: Structured light-matter interactions in photopolymerisation

2:00–2:15        Dr Gema Dura (Research Fellow), Newcastle University, UK 

                       Title: Exploiting the reversible thermal denaturation of proteins in next generation biomaterials

2:15-2.35         Dr Marc Little (Research Fellow), Liverpool University, UK 

                       Title: Using computation and automation to accelerate the discovery of functional crystalline solids.

2:35-2.55         Dr Clare Mahon (Marie Curie Fellowship), UK 

                       Title: Responsive polymeric receptors for carbohydrate-binding proteins                                                   

2:55-3:15        Coffee Break

Session 3

Session Chair:   Dr Ben Horrocks

3:15–3:55        Prof. Graham J. Leggett, The University of Sheffield  

                       Title: Tools for Low-Dimensional Chemistry                       

3:55-4:05        Poster prizes

4:05-Close       Wine Reception