The next CANWON workshop will take place at The Core, Science Central (Level 2), Newcastle upon Tyne on Thursday 16th April – Friday 17th April 2015.  The workshop will be hosted by the Institute of Health & Society, Newcastle University.

The workshop is a joint meeting of the four CANWON Working Groups.  The overall theme is communication and dissemination and the workshop will have three strands:

  • Influencing policy, practice and the law – three excellent external speakers will tell us more about these issues.
  • Getting to know you – CANWON members will have the opportunity to present their work and interests with a view to stimulating further collaboration across the network and between individual members.
  • Developing the core questions – CANWON members will work on developing a set of core questions for inclusion in future research studies on workforce participation after cancer.

We look forward to welcoming you to Newcastle – and hope you enjoy the workshop!