Anammox Workshop

Integrative Methods to Assess Anammox during Climatic and Environmental Changes

We have organized a workshop on behalf of the NERC project ANAMMARKS (ANaerobic AMmonium oxidiation bioMARKers in paleoenvironmentS).

The workshop will run November 20-21, 2019.

Anaerobic ammonium oxidising (anammox) bacteria play a critical role in the nitrogen cycle, particularly in marine environments. Anammox is an autotrophic reaction that removes bioavailable nitrogen from the environment by converting ammonium and nitrite into dinitrogen gas. In doing so, anammox contributes to primary production and affects the bio-availability of limiting nutrients. Elucidating anammox within the nitrogen cycle is key to understanding modern and paleo ecosystems, and to projecting the impacts of future climate change.

This workshop covers three main aspects of anammox  research: Methods, Modelling and Applications. We will assess our current understanding of the field, explore research developments, and bridge new collaborations.

  • Methods: We will present novel and emerging methods that measure biomarkers of anammox, focussing on bacteriohopanetetrol (BHT) isomer and similar bacterial biomarkers (bacteriohopanepolyols), including GC-C-IRMS, GC-MS/MS, and non-acetylated UHPLC methods.
  • Modelling: We will discuss how to model marine nitrogen sinks, in particular anammox, into ocean models for the modern and paleo climates.
  • Applications: We will review current understanding on the environmental controls of anammox and the wider implications of the presence of anammox across different environments.

These themes will be explored through a mixture of presentations, discussion sessions, and a poster session.  All attendees are invited to present a poster.

There will be a conference dinner on the evening of the 20th at Blackfriars Restaurant in Newcastle city centre. Information on hotels, as well as a speakers list and schedule, will follow.

The registration deadline is September 30, 2019.

The registration fee is £30, with a discount of £15 for students. Registration is capped to allow for an interactive workshop, and you will only be charged if you are selected to attend.

Please contact Rachel Schwartz-Narbonne at Rachel.Schwartz-Narbonne (at) with any questions.

This workshop is a collaboration between Newcastle University, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ), Bristol University and Plymouth University. It is organized by Rachel Schwartz-Narbonne, Fanny Monteiro, Martin Jones, Sabine Lengger and Darci Rush