• Theme

This conference is of benefit to Industry, academics and students interested in advanced model and full-scale testing methodologies and measurement techniques used in the marine environment.

The conference theme, like the previous AMT conferences, covers all the diverse state of the art measurement technologies in the marine environment such as: PIV/ LDA operation; High speed video; Flow data analysis and visualization; 3-D wave field measurements; Pod/Dynamic forces; Wireless data transmission; Intelligent materials and production methods; Wetted surface; Free running model technologies.

For AMT’13 there has been a special emphasis placed on commercial shipping noise and its associated measurement techniques, environmental impact and related technologies. The conference will also provide a platform for reporting and collaboration between the HTF, the on going EU FP7 and ITTC research activities in this field. In addition to the disseminations from the HTF and other participants, the conference provides a good opportunity for networking, both with delegates and invited equipment manufacturers displaying their products