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The 4th Bamboo in the Urban Environment Symposium

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Session 1 (24 September 2021): Materials and Systems Testing and Grading
Speaker 1: Dr. Caori P Takeuchi
Speaker 2: Prof. Juan Francisco Correal
Speaker 3: Dr. Patrick Dixon
Open Forum

Session 2 (1 October 2021): Connections for Bamboo Structures
Speaker 1: Dr. Elias Dimitrakopoulos
Speaker 2: Prof. José Jaime García
Speaker 3: Dr. Andry Widyowijatnoko
Speaker 4: Prof. Juan Francisco Correal
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Session 3 (8 October 2021): Fire Performance and Durability of Bamboo Structures
Speaker 1: Dr. Mateo Gutierrez
Speaker 2: Prof. Jose Torero Cullen
Speaker 3: Dr. Angela Solarte
Speaker 4: Mr. Sebastian Kaminski
Open Forum

Session 4 (15 October 2021): Engineered Bamboo
Speaker 1: Dr. Christian Gauss
Speaker 2: Mr. Arief Rabik
Speaker 3: Dr. Rory Hadden
Speaker 4: Dr. Mahmud Ashraf

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